"Train the Project" & FEATURE BASED

TRAINING for revit & coDebook  

Since 1992, “Train the Project” training has been CDV Systems' unique and successful training method for design professionals. In 2005, this technique was adapted for Introductory & Advanced Revit & CodeBook training by using the client's "live" project models. This allows the training to focus on the features required to build their actual projects and not be distracted by "generic model training", which may not be applicable to their needs.


Lee Miller, BIM Manager, HOK

CDV’s "Train the Project" based training is an excellent way to train people.  I find that feature based training which is heavily endorsed by Autodesk and authorized trainers to be less than adequate.  I think the combination of training and hands on learning on a real project to be invaluable.

The timing for this type of training is critical. Trying to learn a new technology AND use it as an effective "design tool" is almost impossible and often results in failure. This is why our "Train the Project" training is intentionally held at the start of the project's Design Development phase. On the first day of training, the students “link” their completed "Schematic Design", 2D CAD files and sketches into blank Revit models and are trained on how to build their SD set, thus learning BIM as a DD tool rather than a SD tool. This allows the user to focus less on the "designing of their project" and more on how to build their completed SD design as a Revit model or CodeBook database. 


“Having attended both feature-based training at CDV and now “Train the Project”, I prefer the “Train the Project” method because that time was billable and gave us more real-world examples of how to deal with actual project issues that you would not encounter with a 'canned-project' provided by the instructor. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about the application and A/E process. The product knowledge and industry experience of the CDV instructors and “Train the Project” class format allow this course to be highly recommended in my opinion.”

Since this training is done using a real project, it requires that there are SD files as either AutoCAD, Microstation or hand sketch JPG's. There is also another great benefit with “Train the Project”:

Since the project team is working on their "live" project(s), between 35% and 55% of training class time is billable to the project.

By the end of the first training session, the attendees will have completed the Introductory training content while at the same time, organized the layout of their live Revit project model(s). This training model used on the last day of class training is now the project model going forward.

Michael Crehan, Production, Stubbins Associates

“The CDV instructor is, by far, the best and most effective CAD computer-trainer I've experienced. His clarity of explaining things and patience with the students is purely professional. He is willing to stay above and beyond the initial class time to help with an issue. The instructor's knowledge of the subject matter: extensive. He even knows what the program doesn't. What he doesn’t know (which is very little), he researches for you. You will learn the most with the CDV instruction.”

"Feature Based" BIM Training

CDV Systems also provides Feature Based Introductory & Advanced Revit & CodeBook training for design professionals. This type of training uses "generic models" to learn the BIM’s “picks & clicks”. This is a more flexible training environment and one where the Revit and/or CodeBook students can focus on specific topics with a customized curriculum. All CDV Systems' client to whom training was provided have done this type of training "as needed". 

CHRIS KOBUS, DESIGN & P.A. AT dalpos architects

"My impression of the class: Great, Great, Great, really Great! It was a systematic step by step intro to a very powerful way of thinking using Revit. The instructor's knowledge of Revit: No Question he is at the top of his game. Process-based training is the only way to get through a software like Revit that is and will continue to change the way the AEC industry delivers projects. Would I recommend this class to others: yes definitely, because they'll regret it if they don't."

Pre-Modeling the Training Models

If the "Train the Project" has multiple buildings on the site, a portion of the SD 2-D CAD drawings can be pre-created by CDV Systems as Revit models or CodeBook databases. To read more, click here.


For more information about CDV Systems’ “Training Requirements Check List” of items needed prior to training, click here: 

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