FEATURED PROJECT: St Francis Hospital and Medical Center


James Martin, IS Developer / Trainer

“My over all impressions of the class were that is was very informative. I was able to get a glimpse of the whole Revit process. The course met my expectations; it's just what we needed at this point in the Revit evaluation. I liked creating a project from schematic design to finished product. Our instructor was knowledgeable about the subject matter and flexible. He had good presentation skills and was easy to follow along with. He had the answer or would make a note to find the answer. I like the fact that the training is process-based. It's nice to cover things as you need them. I would recommend this course to others.”

Scott Robbins, Office BIM / CAD Manager

"Train the Project" is the best training method I have come across. Not only do we get trained and develop content for a project that we are working on, but with the instructor's help we were able to bill the entire project. We actually made money hiring a trainer. We had a great instructor who took questions and adapted to class interests. He was very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about Revit. His ability to answer questions was great; he would come right up and show it on the computer. I would DEFINITELY recommend this course to others because you get all the experience of Revit on a project that is specific to your office. It also allows you to maintain billing on the project while it happens. This method is the future of training."
"Overall it was a great presentation of an incredible program. Our thorough and knowledgeable instructor was able to capture the program while teaching a class with many different users at different skill levels. My high expectations were met. Confidence, ease, and knowledge were evident and beneficial in the challenge of implementation. "Train the Project" is in some ways, a much better approach. The benefits to "Train the Project" Revit training are that a team can gain great progress, stay billable, and explore the power of Revit. The instructor was well versed in the language of Revit. I would recommend this training to anyone considering Revit. It was extremely knowledgeable and eager instruction. And the Revit template files developed by the CDV Systems implementation package are invaluable."

Gary Chen, Architectural Project Designer

"Training on the actual project we are working on is very helpful. The best part of working on the project is getting some work done while in training. The instructor has tremendous knowledge in Revit inside out. He was very helpful and patient. Most of the time, he knew exactly what the problem we had and was able to answer questions very quickly. I would "highly" recommend this course to anyone using Revit."

Marco Montoni, Architectural Design & Detailing

"I think "Train the Project" was very beneficial for us. It made us very interactive with the training allowing for greater understanding and comprehension. What I like the most was that we witnessed and took part in the creation our own project and were able to experience first hand, what it takes to set up and manage a project. The instructor did a wonderful job. He knows his stuff! He was always willing to stop and answer any question during and after class. I would recommend this class to other. I have been through training for other programs before but this one was much more interactive and easier to grasp."

John Viapiano, Associate, Coordinator, Planner

"The class covered all the bases that Revit will be able to do. A great instructor, one of the best I've had. I hope he trains the whole office (and has the patience to deal with some of the people without great computer chops). He is obviously a well-rounded architect who has experienced the frustrations of designing a building and then putting out a well-coordinated set of documents. He was also excellent at presenting the material and addressing issues that I would have asked questions about. He was a great speaker with a great ability to listen and understand the questions asked. Process-based training: there is no other way to learn a new software without becoming too overwhelmed. As an additional comment, the 1/2 day format of the class is the way to go. A full day of training can be too overwhelming. I didn't mind going to a class that I knew was only 4 hours. Other training I've done that I knew was going to last a whole day I've dreaded going to."

Kent Ley, Architect, Project Architect, Manager

"What I most liked was thorough working knowledge of software by an instructor who could recreate our mistakes to figure what we did wrong. Teaching a new software can be difficult, many items to cover. Course was well thought out and presented. The instructor assumed we knew certain information regarding drawing with AutoCAD and using other software; this was good. The CDV instructor could recreate our mistakes to help us understand where we went wrong, this was extremely helpful. The training courseware had a logical sequence, building upon previous days work. I would recommend this course to others. The course covers the basics very well in teaching how to become productive on Revit."

Juhani Kelvin Architect, Project Coordinator

"What I liked most was the patience & knowledge of the instructor. The overview of the power of Revit was very impressive. My overall impressions of the instructor: very knowledgeable, a clear communicator and patient - excellent. Process-based training seems to be the right way to learn it, rather than a lecture on all of the features that I'll forget as soon as I walk out the door. I recommend this course to others and I did recommend it to a residential architect I know. I appreciate the instructor's time and patience in walking us through a robust and complicated application with clarity."
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