AIA, Associate, Project Manager & Architect

"The class was very helpful, especially when we got into more HVAC specific areas. The course met my expectations and in some cases exceeded them. I did not know that Revit could do as much as I was shown in this class. What I liked best was learning how everything coordinates with each other and just how much the program can do for to make the job easier on everyone. I felt that the instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to explain and demonstrate points clear enough to understand. He was able to explain and demonstrate well and was able to answer questions posed to him clearly and promptly. If he was unable to answer a particular question at the moment, he was prepared to answer it the next day with an example demonstration set up. I would absolutely recommend the course to others. It is a very in-depth introduction course that is necessary to anyone considering using Revit. There is so much to the program and this course does a good job in showing you just how much the program can do and how to use all it has to offer."
"I felt this training moved our firm measurably forward. It met my expectations - best practices were covered and a standard and guidelines was created for the firm. I liked the format of best practices in the am and workshops in the pm. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and thorough. His ability to answer questions was excellent. The CDV Implementation Package was excellent. I would recommend CDV Systems to others - their knowledge of the industry and material is very good. Also their architectural experience is very important."

AIA, Associate and Architect

"There was a lot of good information going back and forth during our implementation. I think our instructor helped out with getting everyone involved with the implementing and making content. Did the implementation meet my expectations? Absolutely. I wasn't interested in being in a session all week, but it was interesting, involved and helpful overall. I particularly liked the involvement. I thought our instructor was knowledgeable and interesting. He knew what he was talking about and how to relate that information to the group. He answered and showed the way to get the answer, involving everyone with questions/answers to any issues. I am happy with the information shared and would recommend this service to others because CDV Systems is willing to work with a group and help with creative solutions."

Architectural Designer

"Our implementation was very organized, with a concise, clear syllabus. I was impressed with our instructor's knowledge of Revit and his ability to keep the class focused and on schedule. The class met my expectations - it was a great forum to share the pieces of the program we have struggled with and to strategize on how we can add to the office template to help those using the template in the future. I have a very good impression of our instructor's knowledge and I think he has a gift in teaching and is able to translate his knowledge in a clear and concise way. He is very knowledgeable in the ins and outs of the program. I appreciate how he was honest with its good aspects and the places where Revit does not function well. He was able to answer all questions. Having a well developed template and standards for our office is crucial in moving forward, so I believe the implementation package is a very good product for our office. I thought the week's implementation service was a quality product."

AIA, Designer

"My impressions of our implementation were that is was a huge help. I liked how part of the sessions had us build families for the standard template, which helped us learn at the same time... the lessons were very helpful. Our instructor was wonderful to work with. He had a fun attitude that facilitated dealing with the negative aspects of Revit. His knowledge and ability to answer questions were very thorough. I am very happy with the CDV Implementation Package and am curious to see how the template ends up. I would recommend this service to others. The instruction was wonderful and necessary for firms that are new to Revit. It takes years to develop a solid template for a firm. The stronger the standards, template, and library organization, the more time is saved on a project. I've had managers on a project tell me "I thought Revit was supposed to make things faster." With this service, I believe we will be closer to using the product more effectively." 
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