Kevin Busaker, BIM Leader

“Overall, I was pleased with the class. I went into the class with some prior training experience, so I was able to pickup some of the topics easier than perhaps most other students. The course met my expectations. It was well rounded, exposing us to how Revit can be used in all phases of design and how to create custom families. Having attended both feature-based training at CDV and now “Train the Project”, I prefer the “Train the Project” method because that time was billable and gave us more real-world examples of how to deal with actual project issues that you would not encounter with a 'canned-project' provided by the instructor. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about the application and A/E process. He was also very good about keeping the class interesting and interacting with the students needs without holding the rest of the class back. His knowledge of the subject matter was excellent and he was very capable answering our questions. The product knowledge and industry experience of the CDV instructors and “Train the Project” class format allow this course to be highly recommended in my opinion.”

Brandee ness Lian, Project Architect, BIM Coordinator

“I enjoyed this class and learned quite a bit. There was a lot of information presented but I feel we go the basic concepts down. The course met our expectations. We wanted to be able to kick-start a few projects using Revit and this training class did that. We've gotten started on one of them with the second to follow shortly. We are even considering using it on a third project now. I feel the best part of “Train the Project” was being able to work on our projects in class and ask project-specific questions. The CDV instructor did a great job. He did get a little fast at times, but also spent time with others to get them back up to speed. He was very knowledgeable about the product and answered any and all questions about Revit clearly and concisely. We would definitely recommend this course to others because it provides the necessary information to get started using the product. We thank CDV Systems for coming and look forward to the follow-up week of training.”

Tim McCarron, Architect

"I found the content of the class to be very good. The instruction was very in-depth for most aspects of the program. My impressions of the "Training the Project" method were that it was well-presented and covered the topics of most importance to producing a project. I liked using an actual project for implementing the class instruction, it brought out some of the potential hiccups. Our instructor's knowledge of his subject matter was very thorough. I really liked the fact that he was connected with this product on a global level. He is very in touch with the product as well as the profession, and I admire that. I recommend this course to others because it was well done and fast, considering the enormity of the program."

Dawn Wirtz, Architectural Drafter

"I found the class very informative and the teacher to be knowledgeable and helpful. When the week was done, I felt comfortable starting and finishing an entire project. My impressions of "Training the Project" were that this was the best way to go about presenting the coursework. It put us in touch with reality. I am not sure if we would ever have 11 people work on a project but it was beneficial to see that we could really do it. I felt that the instructor knew what he was doing and would always go back and show me stuff. I felt he knew our business too, and not just Revit, which at times was helpful. I don't think that there was one question that came up that the CDV instructor could not answer. Although a lesson plan or book would have been nice in this class, I think we covered all the bases that we needed in order to complete a project without one. For a company going to Revit, I would definitely recommend this course."

Joseph M. Davis, Architect

“Overall, the class was excellent. The amount of material and the pace at which it was given, at times, felt a little overwhelming. However, I was able, for the most part, to keep up and left with a good understanding of the software basics. The class met my expectations. I knew little to nothing about Revit going in. After taking the class, I am now confident that I can navigate my way through using Revit. Efficient and effective navigation will come with time and hours spent using the software. I thought that "Training the Project" is an excellent way to apply what one has learned and get instant results showing how everything can come together. The other benefit is that it is possible to charge some of your time training directly to the job you are doing. The best thing about "Training the Project" is that you can quickly apply what you have learned and are learning and get instant results on how everything can come together. Our instructor was more that willing to help us when we got lost and was able to keep us on track. He was very knowledgeable about the software and was able to answer all of our questions rather quickly. I would recommend this course to others. This is the direction the Industry is heading and the class was an excellent intro into Revit and what it can do.”

Jeff Weis, Intern Architect

"I found the class to be intensive, fast moving and in-depth. It provided a deeper understanding of the program than I think I would have gotten from the tutorials alone. Our instructor was professional and dedicated. He seemed to know Revit extremely well and was able to answer any question I asked. In fact, the thing I liked best about the class was the knowledge level of our instructor. The training courseware was well articulated and understandable. I would recommend this course to others because I felt I learned an exceptional amount."

Paul Veloz, Director of Technology

“The CDV class is very good and met my expectations. What I liked best was the instructor. He was a great guy and one of the best instructors I have seen. He had all the answers. I recommend this class - it is more hands on!”

Steve Tran, Job Captain

“The CDV training was great and very educational. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about Revit and really clear on what needed to be presented. The "Training the Project" process was quick and easy to understand. Revit software is friendlier than other software. I recommend this course because it provides opportunities for firms to be exposed to new technologies.”

Senior Project Designer

“My overall impressions of the CDV class were excellent. I went into the class thinking that Revit was an easy program that we could use as a drawing tool after the course, but in fact the program is not as user-friendly as I thought. “Train the Project” was a mass, but fun. The best part was that we could try it out on our real project and feel how good the program is if everyone in the team knows how to use it. Our instructor was great. He knows everything about Revit and could solve all the problems. The training courseware was great. I would recommend this introductory course to others - it can be considered a very good introduction to Revit and used to determine whether or not one should continue study on the program and use it in on projects.”
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