Mark McDonough, BIM & CAD Systems Manager

“My overall impressions of the class: Great! The course was excellent, imparting a solid understanding about the capabilities and inner workings of Revit. By employing a methodical, step by step approach towards learning and understanding a radically new paradigm in architectural design and documentation, I feel confident our group of trainees will succeed with Revit and the shift to BIM. I particularly like the idea of skill reinforcement via repetition, building upon skill sets daily, until the concepts truly begin to sink in.
The instructor takes care to ensure that trainees are "getting it" and not being left behind. He demonstrates infectious enthusiasm and untiring patience with users questions and problems, and keeps the classes moving along. He knows Revit inside and out, an accomplishment when one considers just how much is contained in this surprisingly powerful and sophisticated software. He is able to effectively pass along this knowledge to his students. His enthusiastic approach, depth of knowledge, and clear presentation kept the classes' interesting and effective. Rarely was he stumped by a question and always able to recommend the best solution or workflow.
The courseware is excellent. The graphics are clear and the information and tips succinct and effective. Staff that couldn't attend all of the training were able to keep up with the class by self-study using the step-by-step approach in the courseware. Process based training seems to be a very effective method. The development of an actual building during the week of training, closely following the courseware, is a good way of reinforcing the new Revit skills. I would most certainly recommend this course to any firm interested in getting up to speed with Revit.”

Mette Aamodt, Architect

“The CDV course was very useful and informative. I now feel that I have a good basic understanding of Revit and can move forward with my project. "Training the Project" is the way to go. To be able to learn the program while working on the actual project makes it so much more real and useful. I really liked that it enables you to tackle real-world problems. Our instructor was great. He was very knowledgeable and able to answer our questions. I recommend this course to others because it is a great way to learn Revit.”

Jean Zheng, CAD / Graphics Application Configuration and Support

“The class is very organized and task oriented. It well met my expectations of both reviewing the introductory knowledge learned in the previous class and getting into deeper and more advanced content of Revit. I liked the task oriented flavor of this class best - that is the key to keep myself still alert after several hours of learning the program. The instructor was very clear, precise and patient. He was very knowledgeable and well prepared. He spoke very clearly and in an organized way.
The courseware is very solid, well organized and very task oriented. The "process" based training is very effective in terms of attracting the learner's interest and keeping it on a high level, and the hands-on experience also makes it easier for users to remember the content they learned. I would recommend this training course to others. It is definitely very helpful for anyone who needs working knowledge of Revit.”

Ed Calamari, Senior Associate

“The training was excellent. The instructor really knew how to introduce the program without overwhelming us. He knew how the program works and how we can use it i.e.: an architect talking to an architect. I was blown away by Revit's interactivity and he kept it in focus. We were able to cover a great deal of ground. The instructor's presentation skills were excellent - clear, concise without much computer-ese. He was able to talk us through the subject then help us apply it in the "process training". He knew his stuff. I don't think we actually came up with a question he couldn't answer. The course was an excellent way to get our arms around the BIM idea and Revit.The training courseware was easy to follow, methodical, almost do-it-yourself. Process-based training is a good way to learn. Not just book knowledge, but use knowledge.”

Mark Eclipse, Design / Project Architect

“Excellent course overall - concise and well paced.”

Antonio Furukawa, Architect

“A very good introduction into what Revit is capable of doing. What I liked best was the step-by-step process of how the course was organized. The instructor was very well prepared on the subject matter, and was very concerned with the student's understanding of Revit. Also, he made sure that everybody participated with questions that arose during the classes. He addressed these questions not only with the "book" solution, but also with real-life situations and examples that gave a broader context to the issue in question; thus, it was easier (sometimes) to understand the problem and the solution. The training courseware is very well organized.”

Paul Kempton, Architect

“The instructor was very knowledgeable about the program and willing to answer any questions that arose in the class. He was very willing to help out when anyone had a problem. He had great experience and was very willing to convey the functionality of the program. The courseware is very thorough.”

Steve Shetler, Architect / Senior Associate

“My over all impressions: A very well constructed and organized class. I had no expectations and therefore no disappointments. The intent of the class seems to be focused on getting users comfortable in the Revit environment. The instructor has succeeded in this approach. He is an excellent teacher with patience and the ability to make concepts clear. Clearly, he has command of the Revit program within the context of the architectural practice and is very professional: seeks to remember every student's name. I would recommend this course to any firm contemplating using this program.”

Mette Aamodt, Architect

“Great class! What I liked best were the instructor's patience, sense of humor, and expertise. He seemed to know Revit inside & out. He was well-organized, but able to quickly adapt to students interests. The training courseware was clear and concise. Process-based training is the best way to learn. I would recommend this course to others.”
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