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Jeff Millett AIA, Vice President, Information Technology

“The CDV instructor is knowledgeable -- he knows what he is talking about, how to teach, and what his students are thinking when he answers their questions. I really appreciated reviewing what we had learned the day before. I was amazed at how much I remembered from day to day (even though I had no time to practice outside class). Courseware was great, I didn't have to take notes! Our instructor knows Revit and he knows tips and tricks that we would not have picked up on our own. I know [with the CDV training books] we have the best Revit training courseware available.”

Chris Leary, AIA, Vice President

“Revit is a great tool and we now know how to use it. My impressions of the instructor: Knowledgeable and patient teacher with a good ability to explain complex issues. Revit is a great tool, but the transition from AutoCAD is difficult, and this course was a good way to make the jump.”

Michael Crehan, Production

“The CDV instructor is, by far, the best and most effective CAD computer-trainer I've experienced. His clarity of explaining things and patience with the students is purely professional. He is willing to stay above and beyond the initial class time to help with an issue. The instructor's knowledge of the subject matter: extensive. He even knows what the program doesn't. What he doesn’t know (which is very little), he researches for you. You will learn the most with the CDV instruction.”'

Kevin Tracy, Architectural Staff, Drafter

The Advanced Course was also very helpful. The instructor went over some important features of Revit that will enable our users to further realize the potential of the program. I came into the day with a basic working knowledge of the items to be covered expecting to increase my proficiency with the features covered and learn better ways to use them. Our instructor met this expectation fully in each section. He was very enthusiastic, friendly, and professional and was able to cater to the needs and abilities of our group. He was very knowledgeable about the program, which allowed him to explain the long and short ways to do things. Also, he understood how the program applies to each stage of the design process and this allowed him to further explain how and when it can and should be used. He explained things clearly and thoroughly, and answered any questions that arose.
I would recommend the first course to others. It is essential to getting a head start using the software on projects. It is impossible to realize the full potential of Revit without having instruction in it. It is more efficient to take this course and know how to use Revit than to think you know and then find out halfway through a project that even more time could have been saved by knowing how to do something correctly the first time. I would also recommend the Advanced Course because it would be difficult to become proficient in Revit as quickly without its help. It is the most efficient way to bring Revit users up to speed with the potential of the program. I think the videocasts of the training sessions (vBooks) are going to be a very useful. Before I took the course, when I was learning the program on my own, these were extremely useful to me in quickly learning different aspects of the program.”

Dan Thomas, Job Captain / CA Administrator

“The CDV trainer is probably the best instructor and resident expert on the software.”

Howard Truelove, Sr. Designer

“My overall impressions of the class were that it was well organized. It met my expectations -- Revit is just as overwhelming as I thought it would be, although its potential as a tool is more overwhelming than I thought it would be. Our instructor was well-prepared and extremely knowledgeable. When asked a question by an experienced computer user, you could see the wheels turning, like his brain was searching the disk for the information. No question went unanswered. Our instructor was also patient and non-condescending. I recommend this course to others because it is critical to understand Revit's benefits and potential, even if you don't use it daily.”

Marc Gabriel, Job Captain / CA Administrator

“Our instructor was very well versed in the program and had knowledge of both the concept world and practical real world applications of the program. He was very informative and willing to answer all questions presented to him. I like the step-by-step introduction to Revit concepts and commands.”

Kornelia Krueger, Architect

“The first time we had CDV Systems teach in our office, my expectation was by the end of the week to be able to use the software on a project and for the most part not require constant oversight. This course fully met that expectation. It's important for us to see how Revit will be used in the process of creating drawings for the office. The training touched on every element of the program that will assist in doing that. The instructor was very attentive to each individual's concerns and abilities. Patient and able to guide the direction of instruction based on the needs of the group, he knows Revit as well as it can be known by anyone. When one person would ask a question, the instructor made sure the entire group heard it so that the answer was helpful not only to the person asking it, but also to others in the group who may have benefited from the same information. He then made sure that the answer was fully understood by everyone before moving on to the next concept.

Mina Jung, Senior Professional Staff

“This class was a very good introduction to Revit. It made me want to use the software. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about Revit and was able to clearly and concisely answer all questions with excellent and clear instruction.”

Melissa Armstrong, Interior Designer

“This course did meet my expectations since I feel comfortable enough to join a project team using Revit. The instructor is an excellent Revit user and proficient at what he does. He was also able to slow down and take time for questions from the class and show us step by step processes. Since the instructor has an architecture background he was able to explain how architects specifically can use Revit to their advantage versus just showing us the program. He took the time to acknowledge everyone's question even if they were getting ahead of themselves. I was always amazed when he would recall a question from hours earlier to give the answer at the appropriate time in the training. I would recommend this Revit course to others trying to use the program. Since most people in the A&D profession are visual learners it was much easier for me to follow CDV Systems' live tutorial training than one provided in Revit.”

Laurence MalskyArchitect, Production

“The best part was being able to have questions answered instantly, and getting an overview of all of Revit's capabilities. The instructor has thorough knowledge of Revit. His ability to answer questions was superb. Revit is a very complicated program and direct instruction like this is almost essential.”

John Jackson Senior Professional Staff

“Training solely with course material can become abstract so it was very useful to apply the lessons on real projects. The instructor was knowledgeable, personable and articulate. It's quite apparent that he knows/understands the program very well. He was very clear in answering questions and earnest in finding answers to obscure ones. I would recommend this course to others interested in using this program. Revit is too different from AutoCAD and far too dense a program to try to learn on your own.”

Marwan Bakri, Architect

“This course met my expectations because I can really use Revit now to work on the project. I think the trainer is a very good instructor, very knowledgeable about the program and very helpful and patient. He knows Revit very well. He could answer almost every question and on the rare occasion he couldn't, he would do research and got the answer quickly. I would recommend this course because I learned a lot and the instructor was very good.”

John Backman, Associate

“Revit is a very compelling program. It is not nearly as impenetrable as I had feared and I'm convinced that it is the best tool available for efficiently producing a set of drawings. Our instructor's presentation skills were excellent. I appreciated his commitment to answering all questions with the same level of attention. It would be easy to render this subject matter absolutely impenetrable, but our trainer succeeded in doing just the opposite. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

Katherine Cochran, Interior Design / Architect

“CDV Systems uses a very enthusiastic instructor and I have always found his teaching sessions good. He makes things seem easy and doesn't get flustered or impatient. It makes everyone calmer.”
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