David Vinciguerra, BIM Manager

“This Advanced MEP training course met my expectations because the other students and I have all gained the knowledge sought to understand the basis of Revit MEP tools and project systems better, and we should be able to work more efficiently in the program. While some of the training seemed slow at times, after talking with others, I think this may have helped them absorb the information and practice it better. We were still able to make it through all of the primary goals, and people seem to be able to work through the basic MEP specific tools and avoid common problems.
Our instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to effectively demonstrate and train our staff in Revit MEP 2011. I liked his approach. He had a very laid back presentation style and wasn't afraid of demonstrating some of Revit's shortcomings. I liked his methods of working through some of the potentially more problematic features.  He was quite competent, obviously an experienced Revit user (Architecture especially) and an effective trainer. I would be more than happy to work with him in the future.  He was expert on the subject matter - well experienced on not simply the program tools, but their project implementation as well (a shortcoming of MANY trainers). His ability to answer questions was superb. Casual but thorough. He handled questions excellently - never getting flustered even when things didn't demonstrate quite as planned as will happen with Revit on occasion. The few times this happened actually helped the training in demonstrating his thought process and the best methods for working through problems when they are encountered in the program.
Yes, I would definitely recommend this course because it was very effective at training the program. Thanks for your efforts and hard work. This training was quite helpful and I believe ultimately achieved our goals.” 

Electrical Engineer

“I had a good impression of the CDV class.  It met my expectations as it familiarized me with the new ribbon interface and worksharing and answered my questions about the electrical tools.  What I liked best about the training was learning the ribbon interface and hearing real-world experience, tips & tricks about producing CDs and discovering the shortcomings of the software and how to accommodate them.  Our instructor was highly knowledgeable and had a good demeanor. He also had real-world software tips & tricks and has knowledge of how other firms are using the software.  He was able to answer all of our questions.  It was well worth my time to attend this course as it will greatly help me be more productive with the software.  I recommend it to others.”

Mechanical Engineer

"I found this class to be very informative - It was a great overview of advanced Revit topics. The course met my expectations – I was hoping to gain a better understanding of designing mechanical systems in Revit, especially plumbing systems.  It was extremely helpful to get the CDV instructor’s hand-on assistance with our project. It was challenging to fit 30 hours of training into a week with other projects going on simultaneously, but we were able to adjust project deadlines to accommodate. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job in the time that was available.  His attitude towards the class was great. He was friendly and always willing to answer our questions and help us work through individual problems. He knew Revit very well and his ability to answer questions was only limited in some areas of HVAC systems he was not familiar with. I don't recall any Revit-related question he couldn't answer.  I would definitely recommend this course to others. Anyone without much Revit experience would benefit from this course.” 

Mechanical Engineer

“I thought this class was very informative, well organized and well executed. It met my expectations with a good meshing of formal instruction and interactive / hand-on application. Although our company didn't have enough time alotted for the full training and we received the condensed version, what was covered was covered thoroughly and I was satisfied. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and very good at articulating his knowledge to rookie Revit users. He was very knowledgeable and very resourceful.  He answered questions quickly and effectively communicated his answers.  I recommend this course to others because now I am a lot more fluent with the program and I have a greater understanding of its capabilities.”

Mechanical Engineer

“I enjoyed this course very much. Our instructor knew Revit well and was very helpful. The course provided an excellent summary of Revit, both basic and advanced topics. The course met my expectations because it helped me to better operate Revit to design mechanical and plumbing systems.  What I liked best was when our instructor helped me with a retail project I was designing in Revit for practice. The hands-on personal training was very useful.  Our instructor was very friendly and had a positive attitude all week. He was always willing to help us individually, answer questions and was very proficient in Revit.  He answered all my questions clearly without over complicating them, so I could understand what I was doing as I learned. Would I recommend this course to others?  Absolutely. This course can help anyone not familiar with Revit get a head start with the software.”
Architectural Training

Architect, Project Manager

“My impressions of the CDV Systems class were that it was organized and professionally conducted. It provided a good introduction to Revit, which met my expectations. Offices need a fast-track to productivity, and "Training the Project" takes that into account. While I liked that it helped our users to get their "feet wet" in all aspects of Revit, it moved quickly. Users must take responsibility for following-up and reinforcing their knowledge.
Our instructor's knowledge of the subject matter was very thorough and his ability to answer questions was excellent. He understood not just HOW, but also WHY. I was impressed with the instructor's first-hand experience and knowledge of other CAD programs, in addition to Revit. He knows the history of the entire industry through direct experience. This gives him the ability to effectively de-program any student from his or her prior CADD worldview. I would recommend this course to others due to the excellent material plus knowledge and unmatched understanding of the industry. This was quality far in excess of a typical re-seller.”

Project Architect

“This was a very organized class. It met my expectations because having a very responsive and knowledgeable trainer was very helpful. Our instructor knew the "ins-and-outs" and was very responsive to questions. He was not too quick, so we had time to learn and understand the processes. He was very patient, helping each individual as needed. I found the training courseware to be fairly representative of the type of designs and issues we would use, therefore well thought-out. I would recommend this course to others. To me, it was a very comprehensive introductory course that helped me understand the major features of Revit and got me up and running with the program.”

Kurt Hanson, Project Architect

“The CDV class was very helpful and exceeded my expectations. I now have a very good understanding of Revit and its capabilities. “Training the Project” is a very good program. It covered all information needed to put a basic project together from design to printing. The best things I liked were learning how to modify doors in the family and creating furniture in the families. Our trainer was very knowledgeable, patient and willing to help us understand the material. He was very willing to answer questions and was able to answer any question that anyone had. The training courseware is very good. I would highly recommend this course to others. Before the class I was still uncertain of the program (Revit), but by the end of the class I felt very comfortable that this program can do anything I want it to do.”

Project Architect

“A wonderful class - a lot of information, which was a bit overwhelming, but it was great to integrate Revit into our real life projects. “Training the Project” provided very good information in a very good presentation. What I liked best was the way all drawings are coordinated. Our instructor was very good - very patient and very knowledgeable. He was a great teacher who was easy to follow. His ability to answer questions was excellent. I found the training courseware to be very good and complete - a lot to cover. I recommend this course to others. Revit is certainly a powerful tool. It will eliminate drafting errors, help organize projects and mainstream details, legends, etc. Thank you, CDV!”

Interior Designer

“I did not come in with any expectations other than to learn Revit and hopefully see the benefits of implementing the program into our projects. In that respect, the training met my expectations. “Training the Project” is a good way to learn the program. What I liked best was knowing how efficient and beneficial Revit can be. Our instructor was great ... very knowledgeable and VERY patient! He obviously knows what he is doing. He knows the program in- depth. He was very patient with everyone and all of our questions, which he answered thoroughly. I would recommend this course to others because there is a good back-and-forth between learning skills on a generic project and then implementing them on a real project. I believe that is a good way to learn.”

Heather Alley, Architectural Intern

“I thought the CDV class was organized and thorough. Our instructor was great and very patient, thank God. He did his best to calm our frustrations. Without a doubt, he knew it all - every time, he knew the answer. His training exercises showed us what we needed to begin. Now we will need a lot of experience to become quick at it. I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others.”
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