Jeremy Nichols, BIMCAD Manager

"The class was very impressive. It covered a lot of information and probably exceeded my expectations. Every question that was asked was answered with a positive answer. There was never an instance where there was something that the instructor could just not answer. The project specific training of "Training the Project" was very helpful. It helped us understand a lot of different aspects of Revit, because everyone had something a little different on their projects they were working on. Our instructor was very helpful and patient. He definitely knew the product - he answered any question that came up about Revit without hesitation. The courseware is laid out in a way that helps you to retain the information, rather than throwing a bunch of information at you that you would never use again. I recommend this course to others. It will take one month off of the learning curve for anyone who attends."

Paul Anastasio, AIA, Associate, Project Manager, Architect 

"The CDV course was very positive and informative. I was overwhelmed at first, but as the days progressed and as items were discussed and gone over, it began to make sense and seemed to make designing a lot easier. The course met my expectations and then some. The information was well delivered and well taught and the class flowed with the program, logically following how one would set up a building. "Training the Project" was helpful because it shed light on the types of projects we worked on, rather than just generic buildings. It enabled me to learn more detailed and refined items in Revit for use on a specific project that may or may not have otherwise been taught. This was very informative. Our instructor was very good. He was very patient with all of us and knew just about every answer to every question we had! His ability to answer each question was thorough and concise. The courseware was very well put together and easy to follow. I would recommend this course to others because the program is very powerful and appears to be able to provide a better and more coordinated product.

Kelley Ogilvie, Intern Architect

"The class was very interesting and well taught. There are a lot of aspects that can be implemented throughout a design of a building that will prove helpful. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. It took about a day for me to realize that this is not just a rendering program and that it can do much more. Once that perception was out of my head, I was really excited about some features of Revit that can be used in any project. Our instructor was great and always answered every question. He really put time and effort into trying to teach everyone how to use Revit efficiently with any project. He had plenty of knowledge of Revit and other computer programs, which made it much easier for the class as a whole to learn. He could answer any question and solve any problem that arose during the class. The training courseware was very helpful and followed our instructor's direction very closely. I would recommend the course to others because I think it is something that firms will be using in the future. Revit can be implemented into any project and will help both the clients and architects to have a better understanding of how the building system might work."
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