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Peter Hubley, Quality Assurance & BIM Manager

“CDV Systems' implementation services were very beneficial to our company. We were able to accomplish all of the tasks required to transfer successfully from AutoCAD to Revit. All of the little things that needed to be done in order to help the office move into Revit were accomplished. This training met my expectations and then some. We were able to accomplish everything we wanted to and were even able to check off a few additional goals. What I liked best about the training was that it was hands-on. We had goals to accomplish for each day and for the week. I felt we helped the office get started on the right foot.
Our CDV instructor was a great guy. He was very knowledgeable about both Revit and architecture, as well as very personable and professional. I was impressed with his knowledge and his ability to quickly modify items to meet our needs better. He answered everything; if he did not know the answer, he would help us figure it out. He modified the items in Revit to meet our needs, rather then telling us to change the way we do things in order to work in Revit. My overall impressions of the CDV Implementation Package were that it would be very beneficial to any company wanting to be successful in Revit. I believe the week of implementation put EW ahead by several months in the process of transferring to Revit. Would I recommend these services to others? Yes! The benefits are too numerous to count. So much was accomplished in this one week that was necessary, but we may have struggled to accomplish these same items for sometime by ourselves.”
"CDV Systems’ Introductory Revit "Train the Project" class was very beneficial to helping our teams get started using Revit. We covered a tremendous amount of information in one week. The class met my expectations because it gave EW the necessary information to begin working in Revit. The “Training the Project” format was very helpful because there was someone on-site to instruct and help with questions. All of our attendees had worked through tutorials designed by Autodesk prior to the week of training. These tutorials were helpful in gaining knowledge of how Revit is set-up, but not very good on the application side. The week of CDV training helped tremendously on the application side of Revit. We worked through a theoretical project to learn certain commands but then used this information on “real” projects in our office. The process of spending time on the “real” project helped us all feel more confident in what we were doing in Revit.
Our instructor was very knowledgeable about Revit. He had a great understanding of the software and its capabilities. He also did a good job of answering questions and meeting with team members one-on-one to discuss different concerns or questions. I recommend this course to others. It gave us a good starting point for the projects EW will be building in Revit. I feel like we are ahead of the curve from where we would have been had we tried to make the transition from AutoCAD by ourselves."
“I was impressed with the virtual Project Managers' class and the amount and content of information shared for the PMs in our office. Doing virtual training for the PMs was an ideal way of showing them the capabilities of Revit. They all came away with an appreciation of Revit and for what we can accomplish using this software, as well as a better sense of what it is going to take for EW to be successful in Revit. The more technically savvy PMs want to go through the one-week course, while others, who do not use the computer for any drawing applications, now want to start utilizing Revit. The course met my expectations. The three four-hour blocks of time were ideal for us - it was neither too long nor too short a period. This timing allowed our PMs to still accomplish some of the day-to-day things they always need to do. The training gave excitement to those who might not use Revit on a daily basis - they now understand how this software can change the way we do things. While I initially thought we covered topics that were more on the production side of the software, I talked with our PMs about this and they thought it was great to gain an understanding of how to make changes within the software. They may never actually modify a curtain wall, but now they have a general understanding of how to do this. I liked using the computer capabilities of the internet to do the training. Even though our instructor was not in the room, he could still see and tell how everyone was progressing. Overall, our instructor did a great job. Even via phone, he was very personable with everyone. He knows what he is doing and has a good understanding of what the PMs need to see to appreciate Revit. He seems to know it all and was able to answer all of the questions that came up.
I liked the Virtual Training Center. After setting it up the first day, it seemed very simple to get everyone's computer up and running on the training site web-page. I have trained with CDV Systems both on-site and virtually and I like both. It is nice to have the trainer on-site for the "Train the Project" training because it is more hands-on and sometimes it is better to have a trainer in the room to assist with problem areas. Also, he was able to meet with one project team and go over a topic of concern for them, while the other team progressed on their project. However, for the PM training, I thought it worked great to have the virtual training. Our instructor covered certain topics the PMs needed to see and work on that did not require specific assistance on-site. I recommend Virtual Training as a great way of learning the basics of Revit without spending all day in training.
I recommend this course. I believe it is great for helping the leadership within an office understand and appreciate the capabilities built-in to Revit. They did not just see a nice presentation about the software, they experienced the software. This alone has led them to understand the magnitude of the change within our company. Because of this kind of training, the leadership now understands the need for more training in the future. Their expectations are now in-line with what we can accomplish.”

Lisa Drago, BIM Technician and Coordinator

“The main impression I have of the implementation training is that CDV Systems is setting us up to succeed. It wasn't just about selling a service - it was about helping us to move forward and success in the transition to Revit. The implementation training went beyond my expectations. There were so many important little things that would have been missed without their being pointed out and their importance noted. I liked that it was very hands-on. We were not just sitting listening to someone talk, but learned how to do it. Our instructor's personality and demeanor were great. He made it very easy to learn and his knowledge of Revit seemed endless. He answered questions quickly and had the knowledge and resources to answer all of our questions. I do not believe we would have been successful in implementing Revit in our office if we had not used CDV's training. The training will help us to succeed in making the transition to Revit. I would highly recommend CDV's services. They care about the quality of their services, and about those they are working with.”
“My overall impression is that the Introductory Revit training is a great class. It went above and beyond my expectations. The time was given to actually learn what we were to do, instead of just being told to do it. Our instructor was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the software and his teaching skills were great. Any questions that were asked were quickly answered. I would certainly recommend this course to others. The training was great – to actually work on a real project as we were learning was very helpful.”

Senior Principal

“My impressions of the Project Managers Course were that it was very well organized; a good overview of capabilities. The course exceeded my expectations. I did not anticipate that a “project managers” course would get into this level of detail. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and a very good instructor. His knowledge of the subject matter was excellent. Yes – I would recommend this course to others. The power of the software is only revealed when someone who has mastered it can demonstrate all of its various capabilities. While I prefer on-site training to virtual training, the virtual training was still very good. Would I recommend CDV’s Virtual Training? Absolutely!”

Project Manager

“My impressions of the virtual Project Managers course were positive. The instructor knows his information and conveys it professionally. He was very competent. I would recommend this course to others. It was effective for project managers, but not for actually working on a project.”

Project Manager

“I thought the CDV Systems class was a good introduction to Revit, covering both general and detailed information and techniques: a good, comprehensive overview of Revit and its capabilities. What I liked best about the “training the project” technique was that the class involved both conceptual and project-specific work. I found our instructor to be very knowledgeable and very good at answering questions. Concerning the courseware, I found the initial (pre-class) tutorials helpful in learning fundamentals of the software, which made review and in-depth descriptions during class much easier. I would recommend this course to others because the software is so complicated, and different from Autocad, that independent attempts to learn Revit would be difficult.”

Jason Quarry, CAD Coordinator

“My overall impressions of the class were that it was very well-taught. You could see the passion that our instructor had for Revit and it definitely helped others to learn. “Training the Project” is a great way to teach the program - hands-on is definitely the way to get better results from your pupils. In my opinion, our instructor is the foremost authority on Revit. He knows all the tricks. Very passionate about getting the word out that BIM is the way of the future. He knew the software so well I am surprised that it is not named for him! He answered everything. Even when you thought you had him stumped, he pulled the answer out of somewhere. I found the courseware to be a great reference tool. I recommend this course to others because the instructor is fun and knowledgeable. Thanks for coming, CDV Systems, and hope to see you again soon.”
“My impressions of CDV’s advanced Revit class were very good. I was able to work on more advanced Revit features. Hands-on training cannot be beat in my opinion. Our instructor was a nice guy, he know what he was doing and was very knowledgeable. He answered everything thrown at him. I would recommend this course to others because of CDV’s knowledgeable staff and because I feel it put us ahead of the curve.”

Architect and Project Manager

“I found the Introductory Revit class very informative. It met my expectations because I learned a lot about Revit and we started our own office projects on it. Our instructor was professional – well versed on Revit and he understood what an architect needs to know of the software. His ability to answer questions was very good. I liked that we started off overlaying on top of a hand sketch – very “real world.” I would recommend this course to others because it is an excellent introduction into the software’s capabilities. Thank you CDV Systems.”
“I found CDV’s advanced Revit class very helpful and at a critical time in the learning curve, midway into the first project. Our instructor was neat, well organized and well-spoken. He was well versed in applying the software to generating all types of architectural documents from CD’s to presentation renderings. He was able to answer most all questions and if he did not have an immediate answer, he was willing to work on it for us. I would recommend this course to others because the CDV instructor is professional, knowledgeable and has used the software in real world applications as an architectural designer.”

David Lam, Architectural Coordinator II

“I found CDV’s Introductory Revit Class to be informative and constructive. It met my expectations in that I felt that I had a better grasp of Revit after finishing the class. With “training the project”, I appreciated the fact that we had the chance to work on the projects, although I wanted more time. Our instructor was well educated on Revit and taught the program well. I recommend this course to others because I think they will have a better understanding of Revit and of its abilities after they have gone through it. Thanks, CDV.”
“I thought the advanced Revit class was very informative. It met my expectations – all the questions I had were answered. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about Revit and was eager to help in any way he could. I recommend this course to others because they will learn things that they wouldn’t learn in a book.”

Patti Kelly, Designer

“Overall, the class was awesome. Just as indicated, this course in Revit Training was introductory and met my expectations as an introduction. “Training the Project” is an impressive response to a market need for full service Revit training. The curriculum is thorough and understandable. Having a consultant set up the project is the only way to transition into this software; to learn to use it the right way. The class is appropriately and cleverly named. What I liked best was that the team had the chance to see what it will be like to work on a project together. Our instructor was articulate and methodical. He seemed to have the ability to paraphrase information in a way that speaks to different kinds of learning styles. He was patient, flexible, predictable, passionate and approachable. He was very practiced on the subject of Revit and demonstrated not only a theoretical knowledge but also the understanding of a user. He was able to interpret what was being asked and translate the answer into manageable terms and methods. While I found it hard to navigate the written portion of the courseware as a reference, overall CDV is brilliant. I would recommend this course to groups interested in making a successful transition to Revit.”

Interior Designer

“I found the Introductory Revit training class to be very helpful. I expected to be able to take the Revit material and apply it to a project that we are working on and we were able to do this. That was especially good for me, as this helped me retain the information better. I found “Training the Project” to be a very thorough approach to teaching a new program. What I liked best about it was being able to work on our project after we learned a command or technique. It gave us “real life” experience. While I was frustrated with not having enough time, towards the end of the class I was truly understanding the program. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was familiar with the many different elements of Revit and knew how to apply them to our different situations. He was very helpful in answering questions – he would work with us to make sure we understood what and why he was doing something. I recommend this course to others because it provided me with a thorough understanding of Revit and its capabilities. Most importantly, I know how to apply these to the different parts of our project.”

Interior Designer

“This was a very good class for understanding the basic principles of Revit - it was what I expected for a basic course. It seems like “training the project” will be extremely helpful once our office has a good understanding of the program. I’m not sure I see the benefits for interior designers yet, but I hope I will learn more about customizing a project in the advanced class. I really liked how easy it is to draw walls, doors and ceilings. I wish that during the times that the group was learning about drawing site and roofs that the interior designers could have used that time to learn more about drawing floor and wall patterns, custom millwork and color fills. We had a great instructor – very patient with all of us and excited to help us learn Revit. He was very knowledgeable about the program and had an excellent knowledge of the subject matter. I recommend this course to others.”

Interior Designer

“I thought the advanced Revit “Train the Project” class was good – it met my expectations and was helpful to better understand Revit. I especially liked that we were able to use information that we learned to apply directly to our project. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about the program, talks a little fast, but extremely knowledgeable about Revit. His ability to answer questions was excellent. I would recommend this course to others because it furthers knowledge from the basic training in Revit and that was helpful.”

Intern Architect

“I thought the Introductory Training was a very good class: well-taught, with lots of ground covered. It met my expectations as a very professional, yet fun course. I thought “Train the Project” was a good way to go through the design process of a simple building in order to hit all the important aspects of the software. I enjoyed the time we spent on rendering and views, etc. Our instructor was very nice, personable and a great teacher. He always (well almost) knew what we were doing wrong and how to fix it. His knowledge was very thorough. I would recommend this course to others because there’s no better way to learn such a complex and powerful software.”

Intern Architect

“The Introductory Revit class had very good content – exactly what we needed to get started in Revit. Although I don’t think we covered everything that needed to be covered in the one week period, I think what we went over was very important to our projects. I really enjoyed training on our own projects - they have their own details that might not have been covered otherwise in the training. Many times we came across a small problem right after going into our own projects and they were addressed efficiently by the trainer. What I liked the best about “Training the Project” was that we actually took what we had learned in the tutorial and applied it directly to our projects. Our instructor was very knowledgeable. He knew just about everything that needed to be known and if he didn’t know the answer, he would try and get the answer as soon as he could. He was very friendly and able to get along with our group. I would recommend this course to others: It does make you very well rounded in your knowledge of Revit.”

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