Mark Coretti, CADD Administrator & Senior Structural Designer

"The class was very well organized and documented. The sequence of items covered was logical and was not overwhelming. I liked that the course was 1/2 day. It allowed me to get other work done plus I wasn't bombarded with 8 hours of new material each day. I received it in small digestible chunks. Our instructor was very well prepared, very patient and knows the software very well. He also knows architecture. Many times courses like this are taught by people who do not know or understand building construction, they only know the software. Questions were answered thoroughly. The training courseware books were very well documented with graphics. It will be easy to go back and relearn things that I may not use right away. The training material was covered in a logical, progressive order which built upon skills previously learned. It mirrored the design development process. I would you recommend this course to others. It was thorough, well presented and in manageable chunks."

John Sherman, Architectural Designer

"My over all impressions of the class: excellent. The instructor was a good teacher and friendly. I would recommend this course to others because it's good to know what you are doing while using Revit, instead of fumbling around figuring it out on your own. It's good to at least have the knowledge in your brain to recall it when you need it."

Tracy Bellerdine, Architect

"Seeing as I knew very little about REVIT beforehand, and now love it, the class was great! It got me excited to learn and work with the product. The instructor was very passionate about the product, and therefore are a great teacher - a pro with endless knowledge. He was very patient - I know because I was in the "slow" class. And patience is a key ingredient to instructing. Process-based training is definitely my way of learning. You could beat me silly with instructions, but it won't mean anything until I actually do the task myself. Personally, I think it's the only way to learn. I would recommend this course to others especially if they have never heard of Revit before. Our instructor was a passionate, knowledgeable, patient teacher."

Kathleen Connelly, Architect

"I enjoyed the class and learned a good overall view of the software. I am continually amazed at what this software can do. I appreciate that we were able to participate actively in the instruction, meaning we were given a task to do, and the chance to noodle with it until we understood it. The instructor is knowledgeable and amiable. I appreciate that his architectural background gives him a good perspective on how to use this program and provide useful information from that perspective. He presented the material in an understandable way. Process-based training: I wouldn't have it any other way. I've had external training where all the instructor did was explain each of the pull down menus. After he woke us up for lunch he did it all again in the afternoon. Ugh.I would recommend this course to others because it introduces a lot of useful information in an understandable format."

Rafal Kuiczynski, CADD MANAGER

"The book for the course was very easy to follow. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about the software, very easy to get along with, and able to answer side questions in no time. He was very thorough with the explanations and able to adapt to students levels of competence. And process-based training is the only way to go."

Sarah T. Welch, Senior Architect & Project Manager

"I thought the course was very good and covered a lot of information in a very short period of time. I thought that reviewing what we covered the previous day was extremely helpful. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and willing to fully answer questions/backtrack when necessary. He was very thorough and created an environment where it was comfortable to ask questions. This call was excellent."

Wayne La France, Senior Architect

"My over all impressions of the class: Excellent! The hands-on process and organized approach to putting projects together are what I liked best. Our instructor was very knowledgeable in CAD philosophy, very knowledgeable on Revit, very relaxed & organized and when answering questions, he demonstrated very impressive skills. Revit will revolutionize the process of how projects get documented and how Architects will conduct their business. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to be an Architect or is involved in the design of structures."

Carrie L. DeWolf, Interior Designer

"I really enjoyed the class. It took the fear of REVIT out of me. Not knowing a program and having to use it on a project is extremely intimidating. Now I can feel somewhat confident in myself. It was invigorating to see the firm invest time into educating us properly. Our instructor did a great job presenting the Revit Program and exercised extreme patience with our class -- especially with the range of knowledge that we were dealing with. The instructor's knowledge of the subject matter was excellent. What more is there to say? I felt he did an excellent job presenting his knowledge and teaching us a new program. In my opinion, our class was kind of difficult due to our learning curve! Thank you for your time and energy!"

Jeremy Fudo, Structural Engineer

"The Revit course was well thought-out and planned. The instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate about software. Making sure we were understanding everything seemed important to him. He was never stumped by our questions or errors and always explained very well. Process-based training is the only way to do it for this software and it worked well too."
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