Ken Hogan IT Manager:

“The training course covered everything I wanted and more. The instructor was excellent and an expert on the software. The course moved at the proper pace and covered all relevant material required to start a Revit project soon after completion. The curriculum being project-based and not feature- based is best. I believe the CDV instructor knows more about and how to use the application in real practice better than most at Autodesk. The CDV courseware is better than others that I've seen to date. I only wish I could clone the CDV Instrutor and have him full-time in-house.”

Jowaan Lee: Senior Job Captain

“The Revit class was structured and organized well. I liked learning short cuts and ways to circumvent Revit 'bugs'. The instructor's knowledge of Revit, combined with his enthusiasm to share and teach in a practiced, methodical order, was extremely helpful in learning. His ability to answer questions of all levels showed the depth of his knowledge. It's rare to find an instructor who's knowledge, presentation, professionalism, enthusiasm and personality are disciplined enough to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment.”

Dirk Redhead, CAD Manager

“The CDV instructor brings an attitude of learning to the classroom. The class has developed comfort with both teacher and software. He really knows Revit and is a good teacher. He is patient and knows architecture well enough to know exactly what to teach us in Revit. He can interpret the trainee's questions well and give the answers they are looking for even if they are unsure of the correct terminology. Process-based training is way better than feature-based training. Instead of leaving the designer to wonder how one might use the software to its highest potential.
The courseware covers all possible explanations of the design process with Revit. At our firm we use CDV's courseware and trainers. We are now cruising through 2 pilot projects and the excitement over Revit 5.1 has spread through the whole office. In fact, even our Board of Directors is excited; so much so that one of them has been assigned with several designers to ensure the success of the new software in our office.
There have been high points and low points. The worst of it is being broken of old habits from AutoCAD and drafting. But once the project was modeled near completion, we found out just how much time we saved. We are learning all the benefits of modeling buildings slowly but surely. CDV's courseware and the software have handled 100% of the things we threw at it so far. We really pushed modeling to its limit and we're feeling the benefits. I encourage any fence-sitters to really throw themselves into Revit.”

John Piacitelli, Senior Job Captain

“We had an excellent instructor. He responded to people in a manner that they could understand, and stuck with them until they understood it. Very knowledgeable in the material/ software and how, as architects, we would use this software, not just from a technical aspect but from a hands-on, true to life application. The class format was excellent. For me the hands-on approach of the class is the best way to learn. I appreciate the time our instructor took to answer any question or repeat the answer in a manner that everyone understood. I also like the fact that when someone asked a question he would always repeat it to the class. The layout and format (of the training courseware) are excellent and the process is helpful in understanding the way the program works.”

Matthew Hyatt, Associate

“Revit looks incredible. Our instructor did a great job introducing all of the features and advantages of the software. What I liked best about the class was that it flowed logically (i.e. the questions came up came up just before the courseware would have addressed them). Our instructor was very organized and obviously knows the product very well. He gave clear instruction (verbal and written), was responsive and flexible when questions arose and presented in a clear and organized manner. He continually checked that everyone was "keeping up" and addressed individual concerns. His enthusiasm for the product was obvious and it helped to excite the class.”

Heather Dietrichson, Project Manager

“Well Organized, Well Presented, Fast Paced, Fantastic. The instructor was very thorough - and when he couldn't answer a question immediately, or had difficulties with the hardware or software, he seemed to jump right on the challenge and get it resolved. The training courseware was fantastic.”

Claudette L'Huillier, Associate

“I would recommend this course to others currently using AutoCAD because of the knowledge of the instructor and the relevance of the material for the future success of computer aided design and implementation. The 'process' based training worked very well when learning Revit because we were able to learn the new drawing techniques which consistently build upon each other, step-by-step. The courseware was good in that it followed the format of the class so that we could refer to the project steps in black & white. The instructor is VERY knowledgeable and patient with beginners who are used to drawing and approaching projects with AutoCAD. He was thorough about keeping each student up at the pace of the course and answering all questions - great to know that he literally wrote the book! What I liked best above the class was the instructor's depth of knowledge, patience, experience and clarity/relevance of courseware/handouts.”

Ben Heyd, Job Captain

“I felt the instruction was clear and presented well. I liked most that the instructor was a master of the program. I personally could have handled more info in the time allotted. Although I realize that the instruction can only move at pace commensurate with the slowest learners. I felt the instruction was clear and presented well. I can only remember a question or two that could not be answered on the spot. Almost all questions were answered quickly and consistently, thereby demonstrating the instructor's mastery of the program.”
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