FEATURED PROJECT: Westchester Community College


John Lingley Architect , BIM Manager

“I found Revit Implementation Training very informative. We had an effective trainer – it was a difficult situation, with so much need for differentiated instruction – not only people with different skill levels, but different needs as far as what they need to draw. The training did more than meet my expectations because I went in thinking I probably won’t be doing much in Revit and now I am actually considering it. The instruction was very helpful in terms of understanding what is going on with the model (I felt completely removed from it before). Our trainer was great! His knowledge of the subject was quite extensive and he was quite able and helpful. I would absolutely recommend CDV’s implementation services. The instructor was great and it gave an excellent overview of what Revit is capable of. Thank you!”

Intern Architect

“My overall impressions of Revit Implementation Training were that our instructor was helpful. I had already been familiar with Revit and we were Training the Project, so some of the information I had already figured out. But it was still helpful to confirm that I was doing it correctly and our instructor helped me be efficient with Revit. The Implementation Training was a good introduction for members of our firm who had not yet work with Revit. The CDV Instructor was excellent at training our team – much more patience than I could ever have. He was excellent – a very high knowledge of information with the program and very easy to talk to and get along with. Excellent knowledge of the program AND he knew how to explain it. Our instructor was also very good at answering questions. We had many issues with our Revit model and he helped us resolve much of what was troubling us.
Personally I think it would benefit our firm to have CDV Systems as consultants for a long time to come. Revit seems to be an evolving program and we should have as many links to have the most up-to-date information and methods of implementation. I would recommend this package to others – it was all very helpful in understanding a very powerful program.”

Senior Associate

“The Introductory Revit class was great! In fact, it surpassed my expectations. I came out of it knowing a good deal of the software. I think “training the project” is an excellent was to learn software. Our instructor was great. He had a terrific sense of humor and made the subject approachable. He was very knowledgeable and had an excellent ability to answer questions. I would recommend this course to others because it is an excellent way to begin learning new software.”

Senior Associate

“I felt CDV Systems’ Introductory Revit Class was very well organized and covered a great deal of information. It met my expectations – we covered all of the main features of Revit, the concepts behind how it works, and how a project / project team should be organized. With “train the project”, all of the critical areas of the software were covered well and the use of an office specific project helped focus everyone’s attention well. Learning about Revit and how many standard tasks it does well was great fun. Our instructor was excellent. He kept his humor and focus for five straight days with this bunch. No mean feat. He seemed to know both the theory and the structure of Revit (this is how it works and why), as well as multiple ways of doing a particular task. He answered questions very well. The courseware consisted of a base training file that we all used to get started. I found it to be well thought out, and it got the basic concepts across. I would recommend this course to others for the following reasons: Revit is too large and complex a chunk of software to jump in and understand without training. It also has some fundamental differences with the CAD software that we use everyday. Without an explanation of the conceptual differences, set up requirements, and family structure, there are features/benefits to Revit that are not at all apparent.”

Jain Jun Junior Architect 

“This introductory Revit Course did meet my expectations. I wish that after the training I could start Revit Drawing, rather than ADT. What I liked best was building a model from a project’s very beginning to its detail DWG. Our instructor was experienced with a very good knowledge of the subject. He was also very good at answering questions. I recommend this course to others because it is helpful.”

Design, Production Staff

“This was a good class, but it is difficult to cram that much information into one week. However, it did meet my expectations – I expected to get a good head start into learning Revit, and that’s what I got. The training was very well coordinated. What I liked best was the trainer’s ability to convey the information and get us all up to speed relatively quickly. Our instructor knew the subject matter very well and had a very thorough knowledge of the subject matter. His ability to answer questions was excellent. I would recommend this course to others because it is good basic training in Revit.”
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