Seth Rogge, Project Manager

"I thought our training was very helpful and informative. This course met and exceeded expectations. There was a lot of good information provided and it was very helpful to implement what we learned into an actual project with a knowledgeable trainer on hand to answer questions. “Train the Project” was very useful for our challenging project. What I liked best was the idea of having someone available to answer and explain complex ideas and problems. Our instructor was very helpful, insightful, very friendly and eager to help. He answered all questions, comments and had additional information about “best practices” on certain aspects of Revit. His ability to answer questions was fast, quick and accurate. He also provided other “alternate” explanations on how to get around problems and modeling."

David Blackwell, Structural Designer

"This class was superb because of the knowledge of the instructor. He was poised, expertly prepared and paced the instruction in an excellent fashion. It met my expectations because most of the topics from my wish list were addressed thoroughly. What I liked best was having an expert on Revit present to provide assistance instantly while trying to learn. Our instructor was first class and in command of his subject at all times. He developed a rapport with his class and presented his lessons in an excellent manner. His knowledge was thorough and deep. Nothing impeded his presentation and he was always able to answer questions without hesitation. I would highly recommend this course to others because of the professional expertise exhibited by the instructor."

Rupa Patel, Project Engineer

"I thought this class was extremely helpful in practicing the functions that we would be using on a daily basis, as well as troubleshooting the problems that we are likely to encounter. This course probably exceeded my expectations. I was happy to see how productive we were able to be in terms of actually producing drawings for our project, instead of using tutorials and sample projects to learn commands. It was more helpful to sit down and start working on our drawings and learn commands as we went along. “Training the Project” is a great idea and a great way for new Revit users to start using the software. I think a pre-requisite introduction to REVIT course was very helpful in that we gained an intro to REVIT and how it works, and an overview of the basic commands. Following up that course with “Training the Project” was a great way to jump into using Revit on one of our jobs with an instructor standing to answer the questions that we inevitable would have. I don't think that i would be as productive with REVIT as i am now if we had not had this course.
I liked having an instructor available to help with commands and troubleshooting issues as I was working on one on my own projects, instead of having to use a tutorial or sample project to run commands. I was impressed with our instructor's dedication to providing us with as much training and guidance as he could. He was patient, knowledgeable and was able to give us a great kick-start to using Revit so that we were able to work productively on our own by the time the course was over. Our instructor was trained enough in Revit to be able to answer almost any question that we came up with. If he didn't know the answer, he was able to figure it out, or he did some research and came back the next day with an answer. I would recommend this course to others."

Anna Lukasiak, Draftsperson

"I thought the CDV class was very good. It met my expectations. I learned a lot of practical Revit information. “Training the Project” was very useful. What I liked best was the personal training. I have no recommendations for it – it was perfect. Our instructor was very good at explaining, and had excellent practical and theoretical knowledge about Structure and Revit. His answers were very good and simple in understanding. I would recommend this course to others because it was very helpful for me."
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