AIA, Associate and Technical Coordinator

“Our Introductory Revit class was professional and met my expectations. I now have enough of a grasp of the software to start using it effectively. Like any group session, the class had to move at a pace that the entire class could follow. But all-in-all I found it very effective. Our instructor was very professional and patient, with an excellent knowledge of both the product and how to apply it. I would recommend this course to others – it was a very effective way of getting up-to-speed quickly. Well done.”

AIA, Technical Coordinator

"I found CDV’s Revit class to be very informative and a great introductory course to this software. It met my expectations because it gave a very clear demonstration of how this software can be useful with what we do everyday. “Training the Project” is a clearly organized process. I especially enjoyed that very specific questions would be fielded and potentially demonstrated. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was willing to go beyond the syllabus to form-fit the training to what he began to see as our interests or needs. I would recommend this course to others because it clearly demonstrates the usefulness of the software and its efficient application on projects."

AIA, Architect

"I thought that the Introductory Revit class gave very good coverage of the extent of Revit. As a practicing architect using the program, our trainer was never short on answering questions and problem solving. The class met my expectations as I am able to work with the program immediately. Our instructor was very knowledgeable, because he is a user himself, patient and able to adjust to the pace of the class. I recommend this course to others."

Intermediate Architect

"I thought the Introductory Revit class was very well taught. It gave a great overview of the basic tools necessary to do an architectural project and was catered to our project, as well. “Training the Project” was very good – I especially like the gallery of models that can be made from Revit. We had an excellent instructor with the knowledge and teaching abilities that were necessary. His knowledge of the subject matter and ability to answer questions were both excellent. I would recommend this course to others."

AIA, Architectural Professional

“My overall impressions of the Introductory Revit Class were that it was a high energy, dynamic learning environment. The course met my expectations because I came away with an understanding of the software and options to consider for constructing my BIM. I felt that “Training the Project” was the best way to initiate training for a specific project-based team. The examples were pertinent and the exercises were more relevant to the team than a generic tutorial would have been. I became aware of possible flaws and inconsistencies in our CAD background files that we may not have become aware of had we not “trained the project”. Our instructor was a highly motivated teacher, easy to understand and very approachable with questions. His was extremely knowledgeable in the software and terrific at getting a user comfortable using the tools. His ability to answer questions was expert. I found the training courseware easy to follow. I would recommend this course to others.”

AIA, Assistant Technical Coordinator

“I found the Introductory Revit class to be very informative and the instructor very clear. He explained everything well and was easy to follow. He was thoroughly experienced in using the program and had lots of patience. I do recommend the course to others.”

AIA, Architect and Digital Design Coordinator

"I am impressed with Revit. It seems to be a great tool for the future of design work. The introductory course went through all the functions of Revit, helped me to understand the program and I felt confident that I could use it right after training. It also helped me gain much about understanding projects. Our instructor knew Revit very well and tried to show us as many commands for “how to do” as he could. I could imagine he knows all of Revit and he was good at answering questions. I would recommend this course to others."

PE, Senior Plumbing, Fire Protection Engineer

"This course met my expectations and was good as an introductory class. I recommend it as a good general intro to MEP Revit."

PE, Plumbing Engineer

"I enjoyed the class. It was a good introduction to Revit MEP. CDV Systems exceeded my expectations – the trainer did a better job than some software instructors I’ve had before. I liked how the tutorials in each MEP discipline build upon each other. Our instructor knew what he was doing and if he wasn’t sure, he didn’t make excuses, nor try to fake it. He seemed to know Revit well, was very personable and welcomed questions. I would recommend this course to others as a good introduction to Revit MEP."

PE, Mechanical Engineer

"I thought that the Revit MEP class was good. It gave a good overview of the basics of the program. Because it provided enough explanations and practice to get started in Revit, it met my expectations. It was run at a good pace in order to be able to easily follow along. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and willing to help and answer questions. He seemed to have a good overall understanding of the program and was able to answer most of our questions. He found out the answers to questions he didn’t know right away. I recommend this course."

PE, Electrical Engineer

"I thought the CDV class was a good introduction to Revit MEP. It met some of my expectations because it gave me an introduction to Revit MEP, however we soon realized that we will need additional training to implement a project. Our instructor seemed happy to teach us Revit MEP. He was also very knowledgeable about Revit software – both Revit and Revit MEP – and was able to answer our questions. I would recommend this course to others, our instructor was knowledgeable and it was a solid into to Revit."

PE, Mechanical Digital Design Coordinator

"I really liked the class. I think we gained a lot of knowledge during those few days. Revit MEP is a very good piece of software that will save us a lot of time doing many parts of a project such as load calculations and ductwork. The main things I liked best about Revit MEP are how the whole program interacts with the different parts of the project, such as laying out the equipment, and automatically seeing the parts appear on the schedules. I was happy overall about the way our instructor was teaching and the pace at which he went through the mechanical portion of the class. I thought he knew a lot about the program and he was very helpful whenever we had a question about the program. The training courseware was very good. I recommend this course to others because I gained a lot of knowledge in a short period of time."
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