John Ramos: Office CAD/BIM Manager

“My overall impression of the CDV class was that it was very good and that it met my expectations. Every question that we had accumulated from our MicroCAD training and individual experience was easily answered by the instructor. "Train The Project" is a great idea. I liked the "real world" application of "Train The Project". The problems and conflicts that arise are solved as a part of the design process, as in real life. There was nothing that I did not like about this training method. Our instructor was a great communicator. He seemed to have infinite patience, and was very good at adapting the training on the fly in order to answer our questions and fit our needs. He had complete knowledge of Revit, construction documents, and time saving techniques. In addition, he always had the answer, or the best workaround. I was also very impressed with the training courseware and certainly would, and will, recommend this course to others.”

Jacob Higginbottom, AIA, Associate and Registered Architect

“The CDV Course was great - very ambitious and comprehensive. It was exciting to see how things came together in the follow-up session. It met my expectations - we were up and running on a real project after only one week of training. My impressions of "Train The Project" are that it is very ambitious, but overall great. It is difficult to cover all the material AND make progress on production but "Train The Project" is a good and effective approach. It is better to bite off more than to learn elements that are not applicable. The best part of this approach is its ability to jump right in to real project issues and problem solve them right away. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable not only with the software but more importantly with what we as architects expect and need from it. His knowledge of the subject matter was very good, better than Autodesk tech support, and his ability to answer questions was great. My impressions of the training courseware were that it is very detailed, a little hard to navigate, but comprehensive. I would recommend this course to others. If they need to get a team up to speed with Revit, this is the way to do it and lose the least amount of time to training.”

Margaret Clark, Associate

“I thought the class was great. I particularly liked the openness to lots of different types of questions. "Train The Project" allowed us to run into problems and have someone there to help solve them. It makes it easier to start a project with confidence and hopefully correct the basic mistakes that could cause difficulty in that file down the road. I liked actually accomplishing something useable with the time spent and seeing the results of the effort. I thought our instructor was personable, confident and knowledgeable. He seems to know a tremendous amount about Revit. He was also very capable at answering questions. He even seemed excited about the possibilities brought out by questions he couldn't answer directly. I would recommend this course to others. I think it is thorough and even fun.”

Maria Barral, Architect

“The class was well structured and we talked about what we needed to know to use the potential of the software. While I wasn't expecting the training to last so long, now I'm happy that it did. I think that the fact that it was based on real projects that we are familiar with helped a lot because we immediately identified the difficult points and learned how to deal with these. I thought the best part about "Train The Project" was that we did more than learn how to use the tools in Revit. We learned how to troubleshoot. I cannot see any downpoints. Our instructor was very easy going, very patient and the knowledge he showed with every question made us trust in the software. His knowledge of the subject matter extended beyond just the software, he knew the process in architecture which made communication so much easier. Our instructor's ability to answer our questions was very good. He did more than just answer our questions - he used the question to introduce a new tool or concept. I was impressed with the way things turned out to be so convenient and the way he was able to give us all the content in such an upside, yet logical, manner. I think the courseware is good and cannot wait for the advanced training. Of course I would recommend this course to others. It gives you the basic understanding of the software and the confidence to use it. It is great!”

Rick Berliner, Job Captain, Designer

“The CDV course was good, clear, straightforward and complete. It met my expectations. Our instructor was good, clear, straightforward, patient, knowledgeable and personable - everything we needed. His ability to answer our questions was excellent. Given the universe of problems that can arise with software, and the individual customizations that different firms have for what they are working on (and even for our firm within the breadth of project needs), there will be some things that slip through or need to be worked out as intra-office standards and therefore outside his control. That is, the questions our instructor couldn't answer were ones that were beyond his control. That said, it's good to know that he will still be around training other folks to help us as a firm work through the issues as we find ourselves confronted with them. I found the training courseware to be solid and helpful. I would recommend this course to others.”

Kate Wonkka, Project Architect

“I found the class to be very informative. The content covered was excellent and gave us the confidence to start working on Revit immediately. It met my expectations as it covered the basics from schematic studies to final CD production. The instructor was fabulous. His knowledge of the product was extensive and approach to teaching to coarse, excellent. He made the class fun and learning the software exciting. He showed excellent knowledge of the subject matter. No question was un-answered, even if it was "I'll get back to you", and he did get back to us with an answer. My impressions of the training courseware are that it is very good - easy to follow and a great reference. I would you recommend this course to others.”

Leah Cohen Lamkin, Architectural Designer

“My overall impression of the class was good. The information presented was a helpful foundation for future program use. My expectations where met - because I had very few going in, I tried to keep my mind as open as possible. All of my questions from the independent training that I did the week prior to this class were answered. I liked how the training geared itself to actual in-office experiences that we might encounter and/or need for the making of designs and the production of CD's. The general concept of training to the project is helpful as it adds complexities that we might not get in a more banal training "building". The best part was the jump-start on some questions about how to solve some particulars that I knew I was going to encounter. "Train The Project" is a great way to approach issues and have them feel meaningful. Our instructor was ideal. He was patient and kind and willing to explain things over and over. He was also willing to admit when he was stumped. But he made an effort to address everyone's concerns and to make sure all class attendants were working at about the same pace. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about Revit and the many facets of its uses. Not only did he tell us, but he showed us, other projects he has worked on that really gave the program gravity. Regarding the training courseware, admittedly I have not referenced it much since my training week; but I feel that I have an ace in my hand with that book available to me. I recommend this course to others because my experience was nothing but positive.”

Srilakshmi Neergundha, Architectural & Interior Designer

“This class had a lot of information to digest but it did meet my expectations. I thought that "Train The Project" - working on real projects - was a very good idea. Our instructor was great! He was very patient, very understanding and very knowledgeable. He is excellent in what he does and equally fantastic in imparting his knowledge as well. He was very responsive and took a lot of time and patience in making us understand both simple and complicated concepts. I found the training courseware to be a very good compilation of subject matter. I recommend this course to others because of Revit's unique concepts and our CDV instructor's unique way of teaching (many people teach from chapter to chapter from a course book but he taught us through real active projects, which was good).”

Anita Cloutier, Interior Designer

“I thought the CDV class taught an impressive program that, with more training time, should save us time on projects in the future. I really liked the coordination between sheets and details the best! The course met my expectations because it was very informative and the instructor talked about real issues. It felt like a LOT of information to cover in a week, but now that I am now on my own and going forward with the project started in class, I am relieved to know that the grid and first floor were done with someone who could guide me expertly into the set-up. It helped tremendously to be able to apply training to a real project. Our instructor was excellent!! He was extremely knowledgeable & personable. His ability to answer questions was perfect! He was able to answer in different ways if I didn't understand the original answer. I believe that the training courseware will be good for our office once we all get a little more comfortable with it. I would recommend this course to others but with a word of caution: Revit is very different from AutoCAD and is a BIG leap for the office to change to. Once we are all acclimated, however, it will be an efficient choice. Thanks to our instructor!”

Interior Designer

“The advanced Revit class met my expectations - I was able to ask questions and build upon what I had learned in the basic three day training. The material covered was helpful, but not overwhelming, and the pace of the class worked well for me. It helped me get an overall idea of how Revit is used here for project teams. The "Train the Project" process made Revit's abilities clearer to me. I was able to see how worksets and central files and templates are done at our company. I also felt it was important to learn troubleshooting - it will help me become more resourceful when using Revit on my own. The set-up of the class was helpful. It was great to follow along with the instructor on the screen and go through the steps on my computer. Being able to cross check my progress with the outcome on the overhead screen was very useful.
Our instructor knew a tremendous amount about Revit but was also aware that a lot of us in the class were at a beginner level. He allowed us to ask questions and had a lot of patience when we were stuck or needed assistance. He not only knew the subject very well, he also had a great understanding of how our firm uses Revit, so he was always helpful. He answered all of my questions and never made me feel stupid for asking about the program and its use. I felt the courseware outlined the material very well and closely followed what we learned in class. I would recommend this course to others. This was a great course, I can't wait to use Revit.”

Andreas Savvides, Staff Architect / Planner

“My overall impression of the CDV course was that it was very good and timely, given office practices. It met my expectations, especially in terms of its project management capabilities. Our instructor was excellent, as were his knowledge of the subject matter and ability to answer questions. The training courseware was useful, covering a broad range of topics and giving a good overall understanding of the software's capabilities. I would recommend this course to others because it was comprehensive, concise and readily applicable to ongoing projects.”


“I thought the class was well laid out and a great experience. It met my expectations. I came out of it feeling fairly comfortable with Revit and, even though one week is not nearly enough time to fully get a hand on the program, the class helped my to get started on the right track. "Train the Project" was an excellent way to learn by getting a more hands-on experience. Issues and questions seemed to come out that may not have in a theoretical training project. My impressions of our instructor were that he seems very knowledgeable and understanding of the benefits of using the program in the architectural field, since he is an architect rather than just a CAD trainer. He seemed to know the program very well; in fact, he might as well have made the software himself because he was able to answer any question that came up. I recommend this class to others. For the amount of time it takes, there is a great wealth of knowledge obtained. It is also good to be getting started with proper techniques so that bad drawing practice does not take over early on in learning the program. A great course.”

JillAnne Coffey,  AIA, Architect

“I found the training class to be very thorough and informative. It was appropriately paced for a group of beginner users to the program, and I feel comfortable with the material that was covered. If anything, the course exceeded my expectations simply because I was previously unaware of the capabilities of Revit. After this training I feel comfortable navigating in the program and I believe I now have a strong understanding of its possibilites. The training project was a good testing ground for developing basic architectural aesthetics. I found the time working on MDS projects during training most valuable because we were able to take the general training one step further with the instructor's guidance. The instructor's teaching style was very effective. Questions were always addressed with patience, appropriate time was allotted for each topic covered, and his knowledge of the program was very thorough: all questions were answered. Our instructor had helpful explanations and tips for all of our questions, whether they were general or specific. On the one occasion that he was unsure of a problem that was encountered, he made sure to find an answer and follow up with the class. He answered questions and handled problems with patience and focus and made sure that everyone was on task before the training continued. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn Revit.”

Amy MacKrell, Architect

“I found the class to be very helpful and understandable. It met my expectations and made me more enthusiastic about using Revit. It was helpful to work on a real project. "Train The Project" provided a good opportunity to come up with common use issues. Our instructor was excellent - he was very responsive to class questions, highly knowledgeable and very capable at answering questions. The training courseware was helpful as well. I would recommend this course to others because the instructor knows how drawing sets are put together and what it takes to produce them. The MicroCAD instructor did not have this knowledge and was not as successful at conveying the true potential of Revit.”

Andrea Yoder, Architect

“My impressions of the class were that it was very in-depth. It met my expectations and helped me understand how to use all of the useful tools in Revit in a real project. Our instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and very focused on making sure everyone understood what was covered. His knowledge of the subject matter was very comprehensive. The few times he didn't know something, he quickly found it. His ability to answer questions was excellent! I would recommend this course to others because the instructor is very knowledgeable and does a good job of explaining how Revit works in an understandable manner. Also, his architectural background helped a lot because he understood what sorts of things were the most relevant for us to know in order to use the program most efficiently.”

Karl Viksnins Architect

“The class was well done. I wasn't sure what to expect with our second level training, but the class met my expectations. The way we used a real project to learn is a useful way to learn. The best part of the class was the instructor's excitement and interest in the subject. He is also a very interesting person. I commented to a co-worker that I don't think I've met anyone that competent without also being arrogant. It is obvious that he knows Revit. He also knows architecture well enough to tell us why the software can help in production. Most Architectural software is directed at presentation/3d rendering, not purely production. Our instructor made sure that every question had been answered and that everyone else in the room also understood the question and answer. I would recommend this course because I think it is a successful learning method for this different data-driven approach to drawing/producing architectural drawing sets.”

AIA, Consultant Architect

“I found the Advanced "Train the Project" class very interesting. We had a great trainer who tailored the course to meet the needs of the users. He was also very knowledgeable, flexible and patient. His knowledge of the subject matter was perfect, as was his ability to answer questions. Although my impressions are that it will require a long time of practice and "trial and error" in order to master the software, I recommend this course to others as the fastest way to master Revit.”

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