Dan Gorski, Vice President of Home-Building Services

“Once we decided on Revit, we researched various companies throughout the country to implement the software and ‘connected’ with CDV Systems. We liked its hands-on approach, knowledge of the product, and experience.  CDV Systems was at Veridian Homes a week at a time and suggested helpful options as our CAD users learned and worked with the system.  CDV Systems also created the overall "prototype & design options" structure of the Revit models, so that our people could go into the system and easily understand how the Revit model was organized. Veridian Homes reduced the time required to produce a fully detailed drawing of each custom home with Design Options from two-to-three days to 3.8 hours."

Bradley Lowrey, Architectural Design Associate

"I found the course very informative and felt that the CDV instructor was very knowledgeable and great at teaching. I picked up on quit a bit of information, tricks and tips to help in my speed of the drafting process. I liked the reasons he gave for recommending the use of Revit. He had some very good valid points as to why you would do something the way that you did. It was all interesting and kept my attention throughout. The instructor was very knowledgeable and courteous to all. Great to work with and had a very understanding way of teaching. He explained things during every step of the classes and went over it twice if necessary without any problem. He was very easy to understand. He was great at answering all questions and was very understanding of different perspectives and towards what each individual was asking and why. My impression of the training courseware is that the approach was geared specifically toward our needs and didn't waste any time on things we didn't need. The instructor had a process in which he explained things in great detail and in an order in which he was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this course to others."

CHRIS VOLK, Architectural Designer

"My over all impression of the class was that it's very good, covered lots of topics in a short period of time. This course met my expectations. We had the ability to get into a lot of topics. The instructor was very knowledgeable and personable and his knowledge of the subject matter was excellent. His ability to answer questions was excellent and he was willing to research if something wasn't working. His training courseware was excellent and I would recommend them as well as his course to others."

Craig Guse, Architectural Design Associate

"My overall impressions of the class were that it was very good. I was rather scared (but excited) to be learning new software, and the class helped me learn and feel comfortable. It met my expectations and definitely got me going on the right foot. The instructor was excellent. I felt very comfortable with him. He made me feel comfortable asking any kind of question. He is very knowledgeable and has good teaching skills. He knows almost everything I could ask, but more importantly, if he does not know something he writes down a note and checks into it and gets back with you. He presents in a manner that feels comfortable for a new student. I would recommend this course to others: the instructor and course set-up and outline are very beginner Revit user-friendly. I have learned a lot since I started using Revit and am looking forward to learning more."

Timothy Grosnick, Residential Drafting Associate

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a ton! It gave me a strong foundation of knowledge to build on. "Training the Project" covered the bulk of the information needed to draft plans using Revit. What I liked best was the way the CDV instructor made sure that we understood the information presented. Our instructor was a very intense and knowledgeable person! He was very thorough - he had an answer for every question and often had multiple options for how to accomplish a task. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. For me it was good because I am inquisitive and am always excited to know how things work. The instructor was also very perceptive to the amount of information that I personally could handle. He knew when to challenge me and when I was going into information overload. My impression of the training courseware was that it is very adaptable to different learning speeds and levels. It covers as much as the student can handle, as fast as they can handle it. I would highly recommend this course to others. It was very informative and helpful towards learning how to operate and understand Revit."
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