Jack Moran Design Project Manager

“CDV Systems’ Implementation Training met my expectations. I found it to be comprehensive, and a good introduction to Revit for me. What I liked best was getting a supervised run at setting up our office. It is more efficient than fumbling through on our own. My impressions of our instructor were that he was very impressive – his knowledge of the product and experience with architecture firms. His knowledge of the subject was second only to those who write the software – maybe – and he was very skillful at answering questions. Overall, my impressions of the CDV Implementation Package were that I loved it. I recommend it because it’s the best in the business. Keep up the good work.”

Senior Job Captain

“I thought the Introductory Revit Class was a good introduction to a totally different “drawing” package for me. It was above what my expectations were going in. What I liked about “training the project” was that we used projects that were real. I also liked the sheer potential of the accumulated info. Our instructor was very knowledgeable, prepared and a quick respond to questions and comments. His knowledge was intense and ability to answer questions was to the point. I recommend this course to others. This is where the industry is going.”

Design Project Manager

“My overall impressions of the Introductory Revit class were excellent. The class met my expectations because it covered many useful tasks and feature, enough to get a new user going, but not overloaded. I thought “Training the Project” is an excellent concept and that our instructor is the best in the business. His knowledge was impressive, comprehensive and complete, and he was excellent an answering questions. I recommend this course to other. It provides the best foundation available to move from CAD to BIM.”

Design Project Manager and Architect

“My overall impression of the Introductory Revit class was very positive. I found “Training the Project” very helpful. I think it is much better than some random building type that may or may not relate to what we are doing. Our instructor knew Revit, you could tell, he was patient with us and involved everyone. He liked to make sure everyone was involved and gets it. He did an excellent job given the difficult circumstances (long days, not a consistent class size and attendance, etc.) Our instructor’s knowledge was excellent. He really understood not just the program, but how we really use the program, which is not always the same thing. He was also very good at answering questions. After taking this and another Revit training course, I would say there is no comparison. Having it in our office, with our templates and projects, as well as the course itself and instructor leaves no doubt in my mind that we made the right choice.”

Intern Architect

“I was impressed with the format of the Introductory Revit class. The pace was quick, but gave us an understanding of how each function works. The class met my expectations. I liked the fact that with each function or comment, there was an explanation of how and why it behaves the way it does, instead of the instructor simply saying “click here and you’re done”. I found “Training the Project” to be very interesting. I think it’s a great idea even though I, personally, did not use this particular model moving forward. Rather, I started over – which isn’t that bad, because it gave me a chance to try remembering how to do certain commands. What I liked best about “Training the Project” was that there was “real content” being used and, since everything was already customized to our company’s standards, it made the transition easier. Our instructor was very easy to work with, patient and had a great sense of humor. His ability to keep the class engaged in the training was key. He knew the program inside and out – it was very difficult to stump him. He was very open to any suggestions or questions and found a way to answer them. Although after the first day we didn’t open the CDV courseware, it’s a handy guide to have now and we all know where to find the content we need. I would recommend this course to others – I learned more than I did at a three day seminar I attended previously. The hands-on “training the project” is a very effective way of training.”


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