Principal_Silver Spring Office

"The Project Managers class was very informative and provided a good background for the project management of a BIM project. I believe that this class, along with the tutorials that I did on my own, gave me a good introduction to the software. This class met my expectations but I am looking forward to learning more. I think that “Training the Project” would also be helpful for me. My impressions of our instructor were excellent: his knowledge of the subject matter and his ability to answers questions were both excellent. The courseware was very good. I would recommend this course to others. I think all who are involved in the management of a BIM project should go through this training."

Associate, Project Manager, Silver Spring Office

"I thought CDV Systems’ Project Manager’s course was well thought-out and instructed. It met my expectations – I feel more comfortable with Revit and understand its power and functionality. Our instructor was articulate and prepared. His ability to answer our questions was very good. I would recommend this course to others because Revit is an outstanding program and architects should be aware of it."

Architect, Silver Spring Office

"The Project Managers’ Course met my expectations. It was a good intro, very informative. Our instructor was very courteous and organized. He never hesitated in answering questions and relating them to our architectural endeavors. His knowledge and ability to answer questions was almost manic! I recommend this course to others – as an overview, without overkill on details and functions, it served its purpose. Plus, the instructor was wonderful and his command of the software coincident with our profession was invaluable."

Principal, Silver Spring Office

"Participants in both the Executive Overview and Implementation programs were impressed with the possibilities and were excited about getting on board with Revit. The Implementation Program was of great assistance in getting us ready to put a project into Revit. We know what we are supposed to be doing and are working through it. I enjoyed the free exchange of ideas, the teaming that took place and the talk about possibilities. Our instructor was very “user friendly” and tolerated the idiosyncrasies of this office well. He knew his material extremely well and can say and do what he says the software is capable of. The success of our project relies heavily upon the implementation process. I can’t think of why anyone would want to skip this part of the training when embarking on this kind of venture."

Principal, Los Angeles

"I thought the introductory Revit class was a great first step in learning the capabilities of and how to use Revit software. It met my expectations – our team met and exceeded the course objectives for the introductory portion of the training. Our instructor was very good and managing people with differing skill levels. It was clear that he had used the software extensively and was able to walk us through individual steps and key strokes. He clearly had a handle on the subject matter. He gave me the impression that he had done this several times and had developed a process in teaching the material. He was able to respond to all of the questions that were posed to him. The courseware seems to be organized in an understandable order which also gives some insights on how project information needs to be organized in order for the Revit software to be most effective. Would I recommend this course to others? Within the firm? Absolutely! Do I want my competition to pursue the use of Revit? I'll have to think about that... My impression from the team is that they are anxious to receive the training at the Advanced Level so that we can see new ways to take advantage of the software."

Job Captain, Los Angeles

"My overall impressions of the Introductory Revit class were that the process was smooth and I enjoyed the flexibility of the subject matter. I understand there is more that Revit can do, but for what we were focused on learning, it was good. My impressions of “Training the Project” were very good. Best application is always hands-on learning. I found our instructor to be very knowledgeable, consistent, and understanding. I think the training courseware will be useful and applicable for all the day-to-day workings. I recommend this course to others because of the content and instructor."

Florence Wong, Architect, Los Angeles

"The Introductory Revit class was very helpful and clear. It contained all the basic info we’ll need to know in order to start using Revit. It was very thorough and insightful - it exceeded my expectations. I was expecting to learn just the basics, but I ended up learning some advance functions and I can actually start using Revit for production without difficulty. I thought that “Training the Project” was a very good approach. Since we knew the project very well already, we could ask the trainer to show us some specific project related items / functions, which you normally won't learn if you are just doing basic level drafting. And these are things that can be applied easily to any other projects. Also, we got to learn how to draft from the very beginning of a project - the steps and approach.
I thought our trainer was really knowledgeable and friendly. He was someone who knew the program through and through and could offer insight on ways to use it efficiently. He was well qualified and prepared. Not only did he know the best that Revit can offer, he also understood the limitations of the program and shared with us ways t o get around them. He answered our questions very well with good explanations. Would I recommend this course to others? Yes, because I think it gave us all a jump-start on Revit and because the class was very thorough and detail-oriented."

Jose Cerezo, Intern, Los Angeles

"My impressions of CDV’s Introductory Revit class were that it seemed to be well organized, we had a great instructor, all my questions were answered and it was a great learning experience. Going in I actually did not really know what to expect, but I will say that it was extremely useful and I felt I learned a lot for a week’s worth of class. “Training the Project” was a good way to begin using Revit on our project so it would not be so overwhelming. Our instructor was extremely good. He seemed to be well informed, organized and was very nice in answering any questions we had. He was a very knowledgeable instructor who not only knew Revit, but also understood the architectural process, which was extremely useful for answering our questions. He would always answer our questions in a manner that everyone would understand and would go more in depth if need be. I thought the training courseware was well put together, although I do wish we could have covered a bit more. I would recommend this course to others because I felt we got a lot of useful base information to further our Revit training."
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