featured PROJECT: King Abdullah University of Science and Technolog: 46 WKS of PROJECT MENTORING, MODELING & TRAIN THE PROJECT


featured PROJECT: Scripps Prebys Cardiovascular Institute: PROJECT MENTORING & TRAIN THE PROJECT

featured PROJECT: Miami Dade Childrens Courthouse: PROJECT MENTORING & TRAIN THE PROJECT


featured PROJECT: Beirut Tower for Proof of ConceptMassing Study: 2D Autocad File Used to Create Revit Massing Model w/ two design options. done in 2005


Mario Guttman, HOK Director of CAD Worldwide: San Francisco Office

“HOK chose CDV Systems to present Revit to our leadership because of the company's expertise. The company has 12 years of effective consulting experience with Autodesk AutoCAD®, Architectural Desktop, 3D StudioVIZ, and Revit software – for hundreds of clients. We were also especially influenced by CDV Systems' unique success in getting its clients – a wide variety of architectural firms – quickly and effectively trained and production-ready on Revit. CDV Systems approach is known to jump-start productivity, minimizing non-billable hours and maximizing time and cost savings.”

Lee Miller, BIM Manager: San Francisco Office

“The class was extremely helpful at showing the potential for the software Revit. Also the CDV System trainers were extremely patient and diligent. The course exceeded my expectations. The training covered a lot of ground. The instructors were very competent and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They were very thorough and complemented each other very well. The presentation was excellent! All questions were answered immediately. CDV's "Process based" training is an excellent way to train people. I find that "feature based training" which is heavily endorsed by Autodesk and authorized trainers to be less than adequate. I think the combination of training and hands on learning on a real project to be invaluable.”

Aida Staugaard, BIM Manager: Culver City Office

“My overall impressions of the CDV Revit class were positive. It met my expectations – I think “Training the Project” is very timely and the only way to do effective training. What I liked best about “Training the Project” was using new software directly on a project, applying what we learned immediately and having the instructor on site for immediate resolution and answers to questions or problems. I recommend this method as the best way to learn any new software. Our instructor was very good, thorough. He was very knowledgeable and answered questions very well, going into specifics as needed. Our trainer knew what points to cover that were important to the project. By the end of the week he had covered all the salient items in Revit that we needs for our projects. I recommend this course to others because the resulting models from the week speak volumes.”

Kevin Parks, Architectural Technical CAD: Dallas Office

“The class covered the basics and the teacher was very knowledgeable. I learned some very useful tips. I like the project mentality of “Training the Project”. Most of the people I have worked with will see the examples and not understand how they apply to the project. “Training the Project” addresses the difficulties that will be encountered over the course of a real project, instead of teaching you to build, for instance, a doghouse. Our instructor was a very knowledgeable Revit trainer. He teaches the short cuts and tricks, where most others only teach out of the Autodesk handbook. He knew how to handle around 90% of my questions, which delved a lot further into Revit than basic training. He was also able to hold a discussion on how he has seen things done in other offices. These are rare traits for most trainers that I have met. I recommend this course to others. You will pick up some very useful tips.”

Krystal McDaniel, Architectural Tech: Dallas Office

“I thought the overall class was well taught and the layout of the class was good too. In fact, it exceeded my expectations because I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I liked learning on an actual project, because it allows you to see how the program would work in real situations. I also really liked the order in which it was taught. The instructor was very knowledgeable about Revit and explained things very well. He really got himself familiar with the project we were working on. He answered questions very well - he would not only answer the question, but showed an example to further illustrate. I recommend this course to others as it covered all of the basics of Revit in such a short amount of time. Now I would like to take additional classes on Revit!”

Jesus Plata, Interiors Tech: Dallas Office

“The CDV training course was very good at providing a firm foundation in using Revit basics. I thought it was paced perfectly for a new Revit user. The instructor did not rush the exercises and was available to answer questions one-on-one. “Training the Project” worked great for our particular situation, since this project is unique and new to many of the users on the team. I liked the fact that it helped to answer a lot of project specific questions. The instructor showed a thorough knowledge of the software. He has been a user of the program for a long time and the fact that he actively participates in online user groups was comforting. Our instructor was able to answer questions with ease, and for more troubling problems he helped the group to work them out together. I was also very impressed with the courseware. I recommend this course to others – it is great for users with no knowledge of the courseware.”

Steve Riley, Project Manager: San Francisco Office

“I was very impressed by the instructor's knowledge of Revit and his ability to clearly communicate with the class. I was also very impressed by Revit itself. This class exceeded my expectations. I wasn't convinced that I'd be able to comprehend Revit, but by the end of the course I felt I could sit down and be somewhat productive. I liked the format of “Training the Project”. Combining instruction with a real-world project creates interest in the class. What I liked best about the course was the instructor. He was very knowledgeable, personable and patient. I think he is an excellent instructor. I would absolutely recommend this course to others. I felt it taught me a lot.”

Bin Weng, Designer: San Francisco Office

“The CDV Systems class was very clear and organized, and exceeded my expectations. My favorite aspect of the class was the instructor. He was great. He is an expert on the subject matter as well as patient and articulate. The training courseware was very well organized. Although there was lots of content to learn in a very compacted amount of time, which was a little stressful towards the end, I would recommend this course to others.”

Alicja Lisiecka, Interior Designer: San Francisco Office

“My impression of the class was very good. The instructor explained the features in Revit very clearly and showed us these features well through examples. The pace was comfortable. This course exceeded my expectations. I had heard that Revit is complicated, which it is, but the instructor's intuitive process made it feel more manageable for me and I could ask questions at any time if I did not understand. I like that it was very structured, yet not intimidating if I had to ask questions because I did not understand something. I also liked the content that we were covering, because it showed the capabilities that Revit has. It was great learning that you could do things in minutes that would take hours in AutoCAD.
The instructor was excellent: very friendly, professional and highly intelligent. He is well-versed in Revit and has a gift for teaching. This combo makes him a good instructor. In addition, he was quickly responsive, efficient and thorough when explaining the answers to questions. My impressions of the courseware are that it is good – easy to understand. I would recommend this course to others. It is a great introduction to Revit and makes a hard program less intimidating and easier to understand.”

Matthias Troitzsch, Intermediate Designer: San Francisco Office

“The Revit class had good overall instruction. The instructor was very personable. He was a nice guy and well experienced. It was very clear what the training software referred to. I like the screen shots. I would recommend this class to others because it was a good intro to Revit.”

Nick Sibal, Project Architect: San Francisco Office

“In one week, we had made very good progress in actual project application. The software used was impressively powerful, but there was a steep learning curve. The Instructor knows his stuff forward and backward. The instructor answered all questions completely. This 'process' based training is very important for sophisticated software. One should not be given a new software and learn by trial and error. Knowing the concept is very helpful. I would recommend this course because learning new software and applying the proper way at the very beginning develops good habits in drawing.”

Eddie Pabon, Applications CAD Manager: Tampa Office

“It was a great class, and worth taking. We covered a lot of material in little time. I liked having someone to answer my questions right away. The instructor was a great guy, he explained everything and was very clear and to the point. He knows his stuff, no question went unanswered, and his presentation skills were good, clear and calm. The instructor's ability to answer questions was very good, even with six different people asking a question at the same time. He even customized training to the types of projects we typically work on, thus courseware was not used for the most part which is OK with me. I would recommend this course to others because it teaches the proper information accurately.”

Christina Cho, Junior Architect: San Francisco Office

I thought the class was well constructed. Obviously Revit is a complicated program, which is a lot to take up in one week. The 10-minute breaks were refreshing. It was very helpful that all the work taught was able to be applied to a real project. The class definitely met my expectations by revealing Revit as an incredibly powerful program that will really change the way architects practice. “Training the Project” is an interesting way of teaching and an easy way to help us understand and apply Revit to an actual project. I learned cool stuff. Our instructor was sincere and very articulate. He was very patient and even though some of us fell behind, he would always stop and help. His knowledge and his ability to answer questions were excellent. I find the training courseware excellent as well. I would definitely recommend this course. Revit is the way to go.

Victor Martinez, Applications CAD Manager: San Francisco Office

“The Revit class I participated in was well thought out and well planned. I feel it was a good class overall. The instructor's presentation skills were excellent, he answered questions quickly and accurately. This form of training is quite possibly the best because it is almost working on an actual project where you can learn how to get the program to do what you need it to do. I would recommend this class to others because someone can stand to benefit greatly if they really want to learn how to use the program.”

Judi Darin, Senior Medical Planner: San Francisco Office

“The class was very good but moved a little fast for me. I was unable to attend all of the sessions. I expected to learn a lot less than I did. The instructor responded to our questions rapidly. My impressions of the instructor were very good; he had an excellent knowledge of the subject matter. The instructor's presentations skills and ability to answer questions were very good. I got a very good impression of the courseware. I hope to take advantage of these classes in the future, they are great opportunities to learn this program.”

Guy Trerotola, Project Manager: San Francisco Office

“A thorough and informative class, providing the team with the skills necessary to implement this software on real project work immediately following the class. The course met and exceeded my expectations. The ease with which we were able to learn and implement the things learned in the class was impressive. The sheer amount of material needed to learn in only 20 hours at times felt a bit overwhelming. More time to learn more and apply in real project scenarios during the course may be even more helpful. The instructor was responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. He adjusted his instructions to the pace of the class and the individuals participating, allowing us to learn and understand more effectively. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable of the subject. He answered all questions and then would take the time to ask the individual if they understood the answer and if it answered their concerns/question, which further demonstrated his listening skills. The training courseware (book) was used in a limited manner but when used proved to be helpful. I found the process based training to be excellent. I would recommend this course to others due to the trainer's skills as well as the subject matter as both lend themselves to enhancing an individual's technical skills in this profession."

Rhoda ChanProject Manager: San Francisco Office

“The Revit class was well thought out and well planned. I feel it was a good class overall. The instructor was clear and precise. He answered questions quickly and accurately. The courseware was put together well. If Autodesk intends to market this product aggressively then I would recommend that they take this class. Otherwise it is a pain to work on this software with consultants and other companies.”

AIA, Architect, Senior Project Designer: Tampa Office

“The class was informative and met my expectations. I expected to gain a working knowledge of Revit and did so. “Train the Project” exposed me to many necessary aspects required to gain a working knowledge of Revit. I found the trainer to be competent and enthusiastic. His knowledge of the subject matter was at the expert level, as was his ability to answer questions. The training courseware was useful and I would recommend this course to others.”

AIA, Senior Project Designer: Tampa Office

“Overall, I thought the class was very helpful in introducing Revit as a new tool to help develop our design ideas. It met my expectations because it touched on the major topics that were useful in learning how to use Revit. It was a very good class, well put together and covered a lot of material in a short amount of time. I liked this because it allowed us to start using Revit right away. I thought the instructor did an excellent job covering the material and answering questions. His knowledge of the subject was very thorough and his ability to answer questions was excellent. I would recommend this course to others because it was very good in explaining a complex program in a short amount of time. I am looking forward to the follow-up training.”

Architectural Technician: Tampa Office

“The class met my expectations and my overall impressions were favorable. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He was able to understand our questions and respond clearly. I would recommend this class to others.”

AIA, Architect: Miami Office

“I thought the CDV class was extremely well-taught. Our instructor has that certain knack for clearly articulating complex ideas with a large backdrop of patience. I feel like my career just got a power-boost! The class absolutely met my expectations. I had notions of the capabilities of Revit which created some apprehensions about diving in. But our instructor was able to paint with both a broad stroke while focusing on specific details when necessary and this manifested as a good flow for the class. I have good impressions of "Training the Project" -- I now have a good foundation on which to begin developing a fluency in this language. The Parametric demonstrations are what blew me away the most. They gave me a sense of the "weight" behind the program and how efficient it can make our team."
"Our instructor is a Zen-Jedi Revit Guru who has set a standard very high in terms of negotiating the nuances of the program. His knowledge of Revit was omniscient and he was very patient when answering questions. Would I recommend this course to others? I already have.”

AIA, Associate: Miami Office

“I found this class to be very helpful and informative. Revit has so many functions and capabilities, it would be impossible to learn and practice using all of them in one week. But the most important part of the class is that we were introduced to most of Revit's capabilities and we now know that they exist. In the future, as we work in Revit, we can explore and practice these functions as needed. The class met my expectations as a good introduction to the program. At the end of the course, I felt I was able to work in Revit (at least at a beginning level) and with some practice and exploration I would improve quickly on my own. What I liked best was the hands-on approach to the training – we used Revit and its commands as we were being instructed. Our instructor was great. He was very patient and explained things clearly. I thought his knowledge and passion for Revit was incredible. Also, he was very approachable and there was not a question that he could not answer. I recommend this course to others.”

AIA, Senior Associate, Project Manager: Culver City Office

“I thought the material in the Introductory Revit class was well organized and properly focused for the skill level of the students. The course met my expectations - I wish I could have attended all of the remaining sessions. My impressions of “Training the Project” are that is it the best way to put the material into practice and it compliments the learning process. We significantly advanced the work of the project while learning new skills. We had an excellent instructor with good communications skills. He was able to clearly and articulately address my questions and provide relevant examples. I would recommend this course to others – the instructor’s direct experience with executing projects in Revit was invaluable."

AIA, Senior Associate, Project Architect and Manager: Culver City Office

"My overall impression of the CDV class was that it was structured and organized very well. Information was delivered in a clear and concise manner for an introductory class. The course met my expectations because it allowed for an ideal balance of training and production at the same time. Not only did we learn the material, but we were able to apply the training directly into our own projects. My impression of “training the project” was excellent. There wasn’t anything I did not like about the training. What I liked best was how it was organized. Delivery of information was spaced apart enough for the group to have time to digest and apply the material before moving onto the next subject matter.
Our instructor was very clear and helpful with his delivery of the training material. He was able to adapt to everyone’s needs and to aid in what we were each most interested in learning. His knowledge and ability to answer our questions were both excellent. The courseware was also excellent. I would most definitely recommend this course to others for all the reasons explained above.

Junior Architect: Culver City Office

"I am very pleased with the overall result of this class. Our instructor was very knowledgeable, as well as clear in his presentation. I very much enjoyed the class and it has definitely improved my understanding of how to use Revit. The class met my expectations because it covered a lot of basic and fundamental concepts and now I am able to startup a project on my own (that is ultimately what I am expecting and I think I can do it now, or at least I am confident enough to start it). I think the class structure was very nice, with teaching in the morning session and people working on an actual project for the rest of the day with help from the instructor. It was very effective. What I liked best about “training the project” was that it was interactive in terms of learning and working, which is very efficient and effective. I thought our instructor was very professional in both his knowledge of the software as well as his presentation skills. He is very familiar with Revit, very knowledgeable and able to answer almost all the questions we asked. He has a great voice level and clarity, too. I am very satisfied with the training – it was very helpful."

AIA, Senior Architectural Technician: Culver City Office

“I thought the CDV class was good for an intense intro to Revit. Our instructor was knowledgeable, especially on documentation / modeling for DD/CD phases, although I wish he had covered more on the parametric massing modeling. His ability to answer questions was excellent and the courseware was great. I would recommend this course for a quick intro on how the software works.”

AIA, Senior Architectural Technician: Culver City Office

“I found the Introductory Revit Class to be fast paced. It met my expectations in that it allowed for actual project development. Our instructor was very knowledgeable with a high knowledge of the subject matter. His ability to answer questions was excellent. I recommend this course to others.”

AIA, Architect Technician: Culver City Office

“I thought the Introductory Class was a pretty good course for understanding the Revit program and its possibilities. It helped a lot, which met my expectations. The trainer gave good tips for our project. “Training the Project” was very impressive. The parts I liked best were families and schedules – very impressive. I thought the class was good for both the beginner and middle level user. Our instructor was very knowledgeable, his speech was very clear and he explained lots of issues very well. I thought the courseware had good organization. I would recommend this course to others – it is a good introduction showing the possibilities of Revit.”

AIA, Architectural Technician: Culver City Office

“CDV System’s introductory ‘Train the Project” class was very informative. The course met my expectations – we began with very basic elements and developed them into more complex studies, slowly and at a good pace. It is very useful to train with elements you are actively working with. “Train the Project” provided the opportunity to see processes in practical applications. Our instructor was knowledgeable, a funny guy, and an excellent instructor. His knowledge of the subject was very extensive and he was well able to answer the classes’ questions. He took the time to work out solutions and explain them multiple times. I recommend this course to others.”

Drafter: Culver City Office

“During the CDV class, we were so absorbed in the program and working on the project that we didn’t notice what time it was. I expected the Introductory Revit class it to be a crash course of what we need for the project. It was actually beyond expectations. I’d heard rumors about this program - that it restricts the design - and our instructor demonstrated that it is definitely not true. It was really helpful to learn something in the morning and then apply it to the project in the afternoon. It wasn’t wasting time on a project that does not exist and will not exist, like in the Autocad tutorials. While, as a crash course, there were still things that we did not cover in the training that might be helpful, I liked that the project team were all sitting and working together.
Our instructor cared about people learning the program. He explained everything thoroughly when asked a question and covered many areas that we need to know. He also spent time one-on-one to deal with each person's project related issues until it was resolved. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable, very comfortable with the program and was able to explain everything we needed to know. He showed us links to the forum to find questions and answers and could answer everything we threw at him. He explained answers thoroughly and used analogies to explain technical aspects that normally would be difficult to understand with only Revit-based terminology. I recommend this course to others because Revit is a fairly simple program that still has a lot of mystery to many people. This course definitely helps remove that mystery.”

AIA, Senior Associate: Culver City Office

“Our advanced Train the Project training was very good, with a lot of difficult material to cover done in a clear and concise manner. The course met my expectations because I learned how to use the program and feel confident to use it for our project from her on out. “Training the Project” is a good idea. I like that I was able to learn what I needed to based on my involvement with the project. I was trained a year ago without an actual project and the process was unsuccessful. Our instructor was very good. Patient and knew the material. Was able to answer any and all questions and provided help as required. His knowledge and ability to answer questions were excellent!!!!!! I recommend this course to those who need to learn the program. I can use the program for my work – that is a huge success!”

AIA, Senior Project Designer: Culver City Office

“This advanced Train the Project training course was very good. Our instructor was very thorough and knowledgeable about the software. Good teacher. His knowledge was very in depth and his ability to answer questions was very good. I also thought the training courseware was also very good. I would recommend this course to others.”

AIA, Senior Architectural Technician: Culver City Office

“This was my second time taking this advanced Train the Project class, but I still learned plenty and found it valuable. It met my expectations because I was able to understand with greater depth and appreciate the reasons behind procedures better. I thought that “Training the Project” was a good intro for our team. Our instructor had excellent practical knowledge and an excellent ability to answer questions. I would recommend this course to others.”
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