"CDV’s Office BIM Implementation for Revit was excellent. This service met my expectations and I learned a ton. I knew the basics of Revit drawing, but nothing at all about its inner workings or families. As a trainer myself, I think training on a specific project is an excellent idea that will strengthen users over the long term. Our instructor was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed spending time discussing the functions of the software with him. His knowledge of the subject matter was total and complete, or at least as much as can be expected from software that is constantly changing. His ability to answer questions was excellent. Would I recommend this course to others? I already have." 

Dan Wells, Director of IT

"My overall impressions are very good. The training course met my expectations and in some cases exceeded them. A high level overview was needed to counteract the extremes of "silver-bullet" and general negative impressions some had received from our initial foray into Revit use. It is not often that I get the strong urge to do architecture again. This training and insight gained into the software kindled that desire to do architecture design again. I liked the "overview" nature of the session. It whetted my appetite. I would have liked to seen more of the ADT integration possibilities, though I'm more in mind that as much as possible should be done in Revit rather than "mixed" marriages. The instructor was able to handle the few seemingly hostile attendees with grace and aplomb. He had a very deep knowledge of the subject and had the ability to convey the subject matter in language that was easily understood. In addition, he had an ability to change directions with ease and agility and answer questions and concerns easily. I found the training courseware to be informative and recommend this course to others."

Stephen Randall, Project Manager, Project Architect

 "I found the training to be an excellent hands-on introduction to Revit. I've seen many of these concepts demonstrated before, but having to do them myself made a big difference. I liked being introduced to a range of features, which gave me a good sense of the possibilities. The instructor was very good. He moved a very quick pace, covered a lot of essential material, but never moved on until everyone was on track. He appeared to know the program inside and out and communicated well with the uninitiated. The instructor was also able to zone in immediately to what the question was and was never at a loss for a solution. I used to train students at the University of Utah to use graphic software as well as CAD. I know how difficult the job is, and I appreciate the level of knowledge and patience he brought these sessions. Great job! I would recommend this course to both the interested and the reasonable skeptics."

Angelica Pavoni, Project Architect

"The class was very informative and a very good way of learning about the software. I liked the interactive nature of the training. At the same time it was an introductory class, so it was like driving a car and having someone give directions if you don't really know where you are going. The CDV instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer our questions. The courseware was also very helpful. There seems to be a tendency to jump into the latest and greatest software out on the market but rarely do we have the opportunity to use it to its fullest potential because not enough of the team is fully versed in its capabilities. As an introductory course, this training touched on some important functions and provided a good overall look at the software capabilities. I would recommend this course to others."

Bill Dunn, Design Architect 

"The class moved quickly and covered a lot of ground. Overall, it is a good class for an introduction to the basics. The content was good and well executed and the instructor was helpful when a snag was encountered. I particularly liked the "sketch to model" feature. Our instructor was knowledgeable and well spoken, as well as a nice guy. He appeared to be quite qualified on the subject and was able to answer the questions satisfactorily and quickly. The course book and the lecture coincided well. I would recommend this course to others as a good starting point for those unfamiliar with BIM."

Anthony Spohn, CAD Operator

"I thought the training was well structured and delivered in an appropriate format, that of a tutorial. I liked the way that the training centered on creating an end product. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about Revit and all its features. He provided a positive learning environment for those involved in the training, from the quickest to the slowest learner. From what I could see, the instructor had an excellent grasp on all the features of Revit. I don't believe there were any questions or issues that stumped him during the training class - he answered everything thrown at him. At there were definitely those who were throwing every imaginable question at him. The Revit software courseware was very good. I would recommend this class to others."

Nolan Ward, Architectural Intern, Design team

I enjoyed the class. I had been looking forward to learning how to use Revit, as well as learning what it could do. The training was great - the best part was being able to follow along and ask questions as we went. The instructor was very helpful and a good teacher - he seemed to know Revit well and answered all of our questions. I would recommend this course to others because it allows one to evaluate the software and make a judgment of what it can do. I think Revit is a great product - I wish it were already implemented throughout our office!."

Jenn Barlow, Design Architect

"The class provided a valuable experience for me to see the benefits of using Revit. This is an applicable program for our company and it was useful for me to better understand its capabilities. I came in to this without expectations and knowing very little about Revit. I feel that my time spent in this class was worth my time. The training helped me understand Revit's capabilities. The CDV instructor did a wonderful job teaching. He was very knowledgeable and I appreciated that he would constantly check to make sure we were all understanding the procedures. He was very attentive and knowledgeable about the program. It was great that he had the background experience to compare other product software. The training courseware was also great. I would certainly recommend this course because it's a great program and it's the future. Thanks to the CDV instructor for being so patient!"

Jonathan Dazley, Design Architect

"The class gave a very good general overview of the product: brief and informative, with a sample of the modeling procedures. The instructor was very good and had an excellent knowledge of Revit. He was well prepared. I would definitely recommend this course - it was brief and informative - a good sample overview of the program's capability. I would also enjoy additional training."
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