Joshua Wolfer, Network Administrator / Support and R&D for Technology

"I thought the class was fantastic. Fantastic instructor. He knew the answer to every Revit question, or at least knew how to figure it out. Nothing bad to say. Good tempo, volume, clarity. I prefer this as opposed to "this is how you use this tool" type of teaching. I would definitely recommend this class; the sheer amount of knowledge possessed by the instructor and his ability to apply it is crucial to training."

Jason Plank, Project Manager

"I felt the class went very well. A lot of information was covered, yet I did not feel that it was a stressful environment. I liked that we had an end goal, and progress could be tracked. Our instructor was willing to listen before answering questions. He developed relationships and an understanding of the class. He was patient and willing to demonstrate when individuals were having problems. Our class asked a number of questions, which required examples to be created outside of the courseware in order to demonstrate the results. All of our questions were answered. The courseware is descriptive, and easy to follow. This is the first process based training I have had. I think it helps people learn quicker when the course is outlined to follow the daily tasks of that persons job. I am a believer of training for CAD software. I taught myself AutoCAD using the book, and I believe you will learn much faster and see a return on your money sooner if you are trained."

Michael Hudson, Project Manager & Design Technology Manager

 "This course was excellent - the instructor's depth of knowledge about the software is tremendous and is in itself priceless. Adding in his ability to answer any and all questions with great patience creates a tremendous teaching tool. Our instructor reinforced the possibilities of the software. He was very knowledgeable, very patient and a talented communicator. He seemed to easily change the path of his coursework procedure to accommodate our shortcomings in experience. Personally, it was very effective in my ability to grasp the fundamentals of the software. I would highly recommend the use of both the Introductory & the Advanced courses. I feel confident that CDV Systems will be a great watchdog in how Autodesk develops the software."

Valerie Harshman, Sr. Interior Designer

"The class was well planned and cohesive. The instructor is an expert in his field. I felt as if I was taking a class at a University with a Professor. He was able to answer varying questions with patience and well thought answers--sometimes even giving alternative methods to solve the same problem. I appreciated that the course was designed around the true mythologies of construction documentation and the stages that an Architectural firm would follow. I think that it helps to follow along and complete the tasks while being instructed--forces us to remember by repetition. This is a terrific follow-up to the first session of training. This puts the commands into perspective and gives you a quick example of what can be produced for a client."

Travis D. Small, Architect

"The class was enjoyable and had a lot of valuable information and a good steady pace with one or two down times. I found that the course exceeded my expectations. The best parts were all the hands-on training and that questions got answered on the spot. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and solved or worked thru any problems or questions we had during the whole process of the class. He had a good presence in the training class and handed everything very well. Was very intent on answering questions and mostly solved any question we had the same day while we were still in training. I would recommend this course to others, mainly due to the instructor's knowledge and know-how on the courseware and the program Revit."
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