Stephen Jedrey, BIM Manager

“I was very happy overall. Our instructor has a lot of knowledge of Revit and was able to handle every question that was asked. I think his knowledge and ability to answer questions and show “how to” examples made my project team confident that Revit is ready to be used on live projects and will make their life easier once they pass the learning curve. He was very good, I would definitely recommend him. He was awesome, by far the most knowledgeable instructor we have found for Revit so far. I would recommend this course to others. We were very pleased with the class. I think the project teams are excited and have a positive attitude to start using Revit. Our instructor's knowledge definitely helped them see the light and potential of Revit.”

Matt Shea, Job Captain

“This CDV Class was great and met my expectations. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about the software, building construction and how architects produce construction documents. His knowledge was very in-depth and he was able to answer any questions we had. I recommend this course to others because it was very informative.”

Dan Harrison, Architect

“I thought this class was well organized and timely. Our instructor did a good job of imparting knowledge. His knowledge of the subject was Guru status and he was very able to answer questions. I would recommend this class to others.”

Matthew Clenence, Staff Architect

“This class met my expectations. It was very informative, focusing on the tools and concepts behind Revit. Our instructor was very patient with new program users and would be glad to repeat how things were done. He presented it in such a way as to show us the potential of Revit to save time and increase accuracy and coordination by comparing new tools to familiar concepts in AutoCAD. Having used AutoCAD for the past 6 years, I was nervous about switching over to Revit. However, after going through the training, I am excited instead of nervous. The part I liked best was when we all worked together on the same project, each responsible for our own floor of a building. It was good to see how Revit works with both central and local files. I was very pleased with the instructor. He was eager to help solve individual problems to meet our needs. He was also patient when asked to go over things a second and third time for better understanding. He had an incredible knowledge of the software. Watching him use the program, it seemed almost intuitive or second nature. He had a keen ability to answer our many questions and would also show us multiple ways to do things. I would recommend this course to others because it offers a broad range of topics and shows the full potential of what Revit can do. I would also recommend our instructor to others for his knowledge of the software and his patience.”

Ramiz Khoda, Architectural Staff

“The class was very well organized and provided a great foundation to Revit. It covered many of the basics (walls, windows, doors, etc.). Our instructor was knowledgeable and provided us with the necessary feedback to learn. He was responsive to student needs, had an excellent knowledge of the subject and was very articulate – clear and to the point.”

Eleana Lynch, Interior Designer

“I found the class to be informative and thorough. While it did meet my expectations, there were too many skill levels within the class so that a lot of the material was redundant for those of us who know Revit compared with those who never used the program. I liked learning how the central file system worked within teams. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable of the software and answered every question. His knowledge was extremely high. I would recommend this course to others.”

Eric St. Pierre, Intern Architect

“This was a great course – it allowed a group of us to understand how the tools of Revit work but also understand how Revit can be configured for use in a larger group for a project. The class was easy to understand and covered a wider variety of Revit materials to prepare one to start a project in Revit. It met my expectations because there were a lot of areas in Revit that I did not understand and they were covered without even having to ask for them to be covered. I liked how well the material was covered and the pace was not too fast or too slow. Our instructor was very good. He knew what he was doing and was able to help everyone and get us to understand the many features of Revit. On a scale of 1 to 10, he would get a 10 for knowledge. He was always able to answer questions with ease. The training courseware was excellent – just the right amount to understand it all. I would recommend this course to others because it gave a great overview and understanding of the ins and outs of Revit. It was a great course to take.”
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