Michael Walsh, PE, Mechanical Engineer

"This class was very helpful and did a great job teaching Revit to a wide range of individuals. The course exceeded my expectations because of how well our instructor was able to cover the material while constantly dealing with questions and concerns. What I liked best was the un-canned presentation. We got to see how to fix real world problems that arise while working in Revit."
"Our trainer was a great instructor who was very knowledgeable and actually cared about the topic he was teaching. He did a great job making sure everyone understood before moving on and was able to help with all questions including very company standard specific questions. He answered all questions in a matter that all understood. Would I recommend this course to others? Yes, I thought it did a great job teaching the program to us in a short amount of time. I especially liked that is was not like a tutorial but actually helped with real world issues that will arise while working in Revit."
"Out of all the program training sessions I have attended in the past this was by far the best because of the attention to detail and enthusiasm CDV's instructor put forward."

Joe Garglulo, PE, Engineer

"This training gave us good information - it started with the basics and moved up from there. Although it met my expectations, we needed more time to cover all aspects of Revit. I liked that our instructor kept us interested in the topic. He presented himself very well and was personable and able to interact with the group. His knowledge and ability to answer questions was very good. He even came in early one day to review a topic that I had trouble with the previous day. I would recommend this course to others because it gives good, basic knowledge to get you up and running with Revit."

PE, Mechanical Engineer

"The class was very helpful, especially when we got into more HVAC specific areas. The course met my expectations and in some cases exceeded them. I did not know that Revit could do as much as I was shown in this class. What I liked best was learning how everything coordinates with each other and just how much the program can do for to make the job easier on everyone. I felt that the instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to explain and demonstrate points clear enough to understand. He was able to explain and demonstrate well and was able to answer questions posed to him clearly and promptly. If he was unable to answer a particular question at the moment, he was prepared to answer it the next day with an example demonstration set up. I would absolutely recommend the course to others. It is a very in-depth introduction course that is necessary to anyone considering using Revit. There is so much to the program and this course does a good job in showing you just how much the program can do and how to use all it has to offer."

PE, Mechanical Engineer

"This course helped me understand the process as well as how to implement our current standards. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and answered questions to the fullest. I recommend it to others because the course was very helpful and I believe our next project will benefit because of it."

PE, Mechanical Designer

"This was a pretty impressive class. There was a lot of depth to the training provided. It met my expectations - our trainer didn't gloss over anything. We seemed to cover everything from project creation to creating hydronic heating systems. The training was executed very well - my only gripe would be that I wish we had more time. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about Revit. We asked him a wide range of questions about Revit, he never missed a beat answering them. I would recommend this course to others because it really gives you a good sense of what working in Revit is all about."

PE, Mechanical HVAC Designer

"I was very impressed at the capabilities of the REVIT program and I believe it can be a powerful tool. What I liked best was that the trainer knew the program very well and could answer most questions in a comprehensive manner. Our instructor was easy going and very informative. I believe he knows this program very well and tries to convey that knowledge. He answered all questions thoroughly. I recommend this course - anyone planning on using REVIT should take the intro-training."

Jesse Van Camp, P/FP Designer

"This was a good class and instruction, but could have been twice as long. Our instructor was able to answer almost all questions and his knowledge was very good! I recommend this course because it was both a general & detailed course."

Amy Ekblade, IT

"These classes all covered a lot. They were organized well to cover the important pieces of the software. The course met my expectations - there was much more covered than our previous training with Microdesk. I particularly liked that it was very hands-on. I wish there was more “quizzing” instead of being told exactly what to do, but I understand time was an issue. Our instructor was patient and kind. He knew the subject matter very well and didn't stumble on any questions or issues that arose during training. I would recommend this course because it covered the basic needs to be able to start up a project in Revit."

CAD Tech

"This class was informative. The part I liked best was that our instructor was personable - he was not the type of trainer that acts like a machine. I thought he was a good instructor. His knowledge was very good and he did a very good job of answering questions. I would recommend this course because others can gain knowledge from int."

Electrical Engineer

"I have learned a lot about Revit and this training session was way better than the one we had previously through Autodesk. The class met my expectations because it taught me things that I wanted to learn about Revit and things that I didn't even know it could do. I like how the instructor knew pretty much everything about the program and was honest even about the flaws that were in the program. He didn't tell us that it could do things that it really couldn't do. Our instructor was professional and approachable. Knew his stuff. He was able to answer brief questions during the class time and stayed after to answer the more in-depth questions at the end of the day. I recommend this course - if anyone is serious about BIM then this is the course to take."
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