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Payette Associates, Inc.
Amber Langlois /   Designer
Christina Pungerchar /   Project Manager
Thomas Collins /   Designer
Jeff Huggins /   Designer

Donald Powers Architects
Donald Powers /   Principal -
Frank Murphy /   Project Manager
Helena Liedtke /   Intern Architect
Paul Attemann /   Project Manager


ADD, Inc.
Jill Rothenberg /   Principal / CIO
Philip Chico Membreno /   Design Technology Manager
Dominique Gilliatt /   Interior Designer, Design Coordinator II
Werner Hofmann /   Senior Associates Principal








Additional services can be contracted on either an hourly or defined scope basis.  Services could include the next list of items to review and build such as project system families and component family files. As these items are built, they are then placed into the office Revit template files, container files in the network folders. Please keep in mind, depending on the scope/quantity developed during the first 5 days, some of the additional items listed below items might be covered. All items listed below also exist as custom items in the CDV Systems Revit Implementation Package. The following is a list from which to begin:

Your office / CDV Systems Families   
Wall Types – Interior / Exterior
Floor Types
Roof Types w/ Custom profile Families

Stair Types & Railing Types w/ Custom profile Families
Common Host Sweep Profiles for Walls, Floor Slabs & Roof Edges

Doors of All types: Single, Double, Uneven w/ Nested Components w/ Shared Parameters w/ Links to Schedules
Windows of All types: Awning, Casement w/ Nested Components  w/ Shared Parameters w/ Links to Schedules
Office Specific Content
Phasing, Hazardous Material Schematic Diagram
Symbols, Notes, Legends

Analysis tools/software beyond Revit: IES, Green Building Studio, Ecotect

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Taliesin West


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Hello Oscar,


Thank you for your note. I know of D’Rofus but I am not familiar with how it connects with Revit. In CodeBook, there are a few ways CodeBook can link to a Revit model.

  1. Using two separate commands, you can batch load from excel the program list of rooms into CodeBook and then batch load those CodeBook rooms into your Revit model. The user then places those Revit room into their Revit model as Room Objects. Those Revit rooms will always stay linked to their CodeBook rooms.

  2. If you have an existing Revit model with Revit room objects, one CodeBook command will batch load those Revit rooms into the CodeBook database. Once there, all the Revit rooms are now linked to the CodeBook rooms.

  3. If you add new rooms in Revit, you can batch load them into CodeBook

  4. If you add new rooms into CodeBook, you can batch load them into the Revit model.

  5. You can also have a separate FF+E and MEP Revit models which do not have any Room Objects, yet CodeBook can track all the families from those Revit models per CodeBook room.   


You can most certainly do a free 30 day trial of CodeBook which includes some free base training and a partial setup of the CodeBook project using one of your Revit models at no charge.


I feel there are a few differences between CodeBook and D’Rofus.

  1. The billing structure. With CodeBook, you purchase a single copy which can be installed on any office computer and can be used on multiple CodeBook projects of any size and square footage. There are monthly fees per SF for any CodeBook project. the only added fee is the annual subscription for upgrades to new Revit versions and technical support.

  2. The CodeBook project files and libraries exist within your office network domain, not on CodeBook’s domain. You control the CodeBook project files behind your own firewall.

  3. Once your CodeBook project is done, the CodeBook project Library (which is the Revit team’s brain trust of all the families & data, room types & data and room templates) can be copied and used for other CodeBook projects.

  4. Creating custom MS Word & MS Excel Room Data & Equipment reports in the CodeBook database is very simple and can be done by the users as needed.


As soon as you are ready, let me know and we can jump in with a trial.


I look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers Oscar…

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