AIA, Architect

"This class was an excellent overview to the program. I like the way we had an opportunity to go through the exercises on our own and ask questions along the way. It met my expectations - after the second day of training I was able to use the program with my project team. I still had questions, but the fundamentals were there. Our instructor was an excellent educator. Very clear, thorough and patient. He allowed us to ask questions as well as asked us how things are done, which reinforced the ideas. He was incredibly knowledgeable. I hope to know the program as well as him one day! I liked the way he stepped back a few more steps while answering the questions; this helped to clarify the steps leading up to the question, which simplified the answer. This class gave an excellent foundation to Revit. I absolutely recommend the program. Thanks, I really enjoyed the class and feel like I have a better understanding of Revit because of it."

AIA, Architect

"I found this course to be clearly presented and effective in getting the concepts across. It met my expectations because it helped to solidify Revit concepts I had been struggling with. The instructor was easy to work with and had an extensive knowledge of the subject matter. I recommend this course to others - trainers from other companies were not nearly as successful in conveying the information. I would say I retained far more information from this training session than the one I previously attended."

Interior Designer

"Our instructor was very knowledgeable, and taught in a manner that was easy to follow and explained the process of using Revit well. It would have been nice to have more focused training to describe some of the more day-to-day uses of the program, but as an overview, the training was very good and helped to describe some of the general concepts of the program and its capabilities. Even though specific attention wasn't addressed to many of the tasks which will need to be done on a daily basis, I could understand how the ideas may apply to those tasks. Our trainer was very knowledgeable, patient and nice. He was able to answer questions quickly and well, and was able to address most of the glitches encountered during the class (on some individual's computers). I recommend this course to others."

AIA, Design Professional

"This class was conducted very well and the information was clear and thorough. Our instructor was very easy to listen to and follow. The course both met and exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t expecting to have such a thorough and tangible understanding of Revit. I was anticipating going over basics like plotting and how to add doors and windows, but we learned how to go about establishing a full project from the ground up. This gave a necessary fundamental understanding of Revit as a whole. I enjoyed just about all aspects of the training and if I had to choose my least favorite part, it would be not having more time to dive into rendering further. I have no recommendations - our instructor did a great job. He was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. He was very patient and encouraging and made it easy and comfortable to ask even “dumb” questions. I would recommend this course. It provided a tangible and core guide into the world of Revit - Very fundamental training for anyone beginning to use the project and even for those who use it moderately."

Graphic Designer

"I thought this course was an excellent overview of the basic framework and capabilities of Revit. Knowing it would be impossible to get into too much detail in such a complex product, our instructor focused on the fundamentals by having us build our own models and then using the model as a vehicle to take us through such basics as sheet organization, creating new drawings/views, adding components, editing components, using imported information (both vector and raster), rendering, etc. By the end of the last session I felt like I knew a little about Revit and how to create content using it - which is a huge leap forward for this non-CAD-literate graphic designer.
This course met my expectations in that it gave me a feel for what Revit can do and how one would go about doing it. I can sit down with an experienced user now and know what it is they're doing rather than have it all be a mystery. One main goal I had was to learn a little about Revit's rendering capabilities, and I now have an understanding of what goes into creating a rendering and how to manipulate the parameters that affect a rendering... My favorite part of this training was probably just having the ability to create a single model that could then be manipulated in so many different ways, with each change rippling through all the sheets. As a non-architect/non-CAD user, it was a little thrilling to draw a rectangle and be able to insert windows, doors, etc., and then switch to a 3-D view and see this model of a space, with shadows, etc., and to see how everything is interconnected.
I thought our instructor was excellent, as he was able to impart a huge amount of information in a logical, manageable way, and he was aware enough of the each student's progress that he was able to always ensure that everyone was caught up as he went along. He was patient, even with simple recurring issues, and has a dry humor. He clearly knew Revit. That he was able to fly through so much so quickly means he understood what is important and fundamental and what can be glossed over with little explanation ... That shows a confidence with his knowledge of the subject matter that can only come with really knowing it inside and out. He was able to answer questions quickly and clearly.
I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to get, as it was described to us, "a 10,000-foot view of Revit." For a minimal time investment I feel I learned enough to be able to navigate through an extraordinarily powerful and complex piece of software and to be able to begin using it to create and manipulate 3-D renderings of our project models, something that could be turn out to be hugely beneficial to both myself and my firm."

AIA, Architect

"This class was geared toward curtain wall families- general best practices and specifics related to our current projects. As such I found it very helpful and very relevant. It helped that we (students) all came in with a certain level of Revit knowledge so that we could focus on the more challenging aspects without dwelling on the very basic introductory concepts (or at least identify the basic concepts we needed!). What I picked up in the class was fantastic. The class was small enough that the instructor was able to address our individual questions and concerns. Our instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. His thinking and presentation were clear and organized. He was very helpful in making sure we all understood the material. This especially came through in the fluidity with which he connected concepts and streamlined thought processes. I appreciate the fact that in answering one question he was able to incorporate other information, other issues and other ways of thinking about things that we wouldn’t have known to even ask about! I would recommend this course to others - thanks!"

AIA, Architectural Designer

"My overall impressions of this class were very good. It met most of my expectations, but not all of them, since the curtain wall part can be quite detailed (and we probably didn’t have enough time for that). What I liked best about the training was the precise illustration. Our instructor was very good. I would recommend this course to others because it clearly introduces how the curtain system works in Revit."

Project Support

"This was a great class and helped me understand the complex structure of Revit families and project directory files. It exceeded my expectations for the ability to create customized curtain wall systems and family templates. I particularly liked the hands-on learning process. Our instructor had an excellent ability to relate to students’ skill levels to achieve the best results for all. He knew the material extremely well and was able to answer all questions quickly and confidently. I would recommend this course to others because the knowledge and skill sets of instructors is extremely helpful for immediate and successful implementation of material to work."
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