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  • Revit + CodeBook = BIM Lifecycle Management

    CDV Systems provides world class consulting services for all versions and trades of Autodesk Revit Software, CodeBook and Eagle Point products. Our clients range from small and medium sized to the largest design, engineering, construction firms and property owners worldwide.

    Using CodeBook, CDV Systems links the graphic and parameter data in the Revit Architecture and MEP model with the required program room and asset data in the CodeBook database creating a more robust BIM with uses that span the full Lifecycle Management of the facility. CDV’s preferred process based training methods incorporate “live” client projects during all phases of the design, documentation, construction and facility management of project assets both inside and outside the building.

    The expertise and experience that CDV can provide for full Revit and CodeBook implementation and training for all trades (A, E, MEP, L) includes full BIM execution and IPD planning, large team workflow collaboration and Full BIM lifecycle management from concept design to FM/OM. CDV Systems has and continues to lead the industry in working with owners and AEC firms providing BIM training, implementation and developing standards, models and customized content.

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  • The Business of BIM

    The buzzword these days is BIM: Building Information Modeling.

    There is no doubt it's the future for the AEC market. There is also no doubt it's not a simple and easy transition. Going to BIM is not just a change of technology. Going to BIM is a business decision made by the owners of the firm knowing full well it will impact ALL levels of their entire business organization. Read more here

    Key Requirements for a Successful BIM Implementation

    Moving to BIM is a “business decision”. It's less about a simple “CAD upgrade” and more about a deliberate business decision made by owners who know that BIM will impact their firm at all levels. Once the owners have made this decision, the first aspect of this venture is for the owners to support their staff. Read more here

  • What is CodeBook?

    CodeBook is a standalone database tool that links a full project's program to a BIM and/or CAD model. For the past fourteen years, CodeBook (by CodeBook International) has been used by architects, engineers, contractors and owners to link program, room data & equipment, and system & furniture data requirements to BIM/CAD programs such as Autocad, Architectural Desktop, Microstation, MicroGDS, Archicad and Revit for projects world-wide.

    Although CodeBook is integrated with CAD/BIM, it is less about being a "CAD/BIM tool", and more about the management and flow of project BIM "data", and its use during the design, documentation, construction and FM/GIS aspects of a facility. CodeBook manages the program and equipment needs, while BIM manages the graphical data. In other words, BIM becomes the place holder for the graphics and CodeBook manages all bulk of the true project "data". Since CodeBook manages parameter "data" outside the BIM, this in turn reduces the BIM size, while still facilitating the validation and comparison of required program data vs. modeled data. CodeBook then goes beyond BIM by allowing bidirectional flow of that same shared coordinate point parameter and element data, of each room and each asset of an architectural and MEP BIM, to Maximo (a leading FM tool), and ESRI ArcGIS (a leading GIS tool). CodeBook is the bridge between the BIM world and the FM/GIS worlds.

  • Project Program Validation

    CodeBook linked to BIM provides these four major needs for project validation:

    1. Automatic Validation of Program Room Requirements
    2. Automatic Validation of Program Furniture and Equipment Requirements
    3. Bi-directional Linking BIM Room and FF+E Parameter Data to Maximo
    4. Bi-directional Linking BIM Room and FF+E Parameter Data to ESRI / ArcGIS
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  • BIM and CAD to GIS
  • BIM Lifecycle Management
  • The Business of BIM
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  • Project Program Validation


Our Philosophy

"Building Relationships on Foundations of Trust"

CDV Systems' focus centers on relationships. We strive to approach our consulting as a trusted advisor, a natural extension of our client's project team, keeping their best interests at heart. We believe in building relationships based upon a foundation of trust, and at the end of the day, the value of these relationships are how we measure our success.

About CDV SystemsAbout CDV Systems

Since its inception in 1992, CDV Systems mission has been to deliver the finest and most comprehensive, project centric, experienced based BIM technology services to the AEC+O global market.

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Client TestimonialsTestimonials

“As AECOM expands its BIM services across all sectors of AEC+O, it is my plan to include CDV Systems and CodeBook as essential team members.”

John Kizior - AECOM Global Director

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